How To Market Your Restaurant’s New Menu and Pricing

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Are you rolling out a new menu? Well, you’re in luck! Because this is the perfect opportunity to attract new customers and excite your existing customer base with something new. 

Marketing and advertising are some of the most crucial activities to boost your restaurant’s success. Launching a new menu lets you have some great catchy content that will level up your restaurant’s advertising game. With this, you can take advantage of your new menu’s potential and pump up your new and existing customers to try out your new items. 

Along with your service and ambiance, restaurant menu and price innovation is a must for every restaurant that wishes to attract more customers and increase its sales. With the constantly evolving changes in the most competitive industry, innovation in menu pricing methods and marketing your new menu is a necessary means for restaurants to survive and thrive.

How To Market Your Restaurant’s New Menu And Pricing

This article will help you look at some of the best ways you can market your restaurant’s new menu and pricing. 

  • Attract More Critics & Influencers 

Social media plays a massive role in promoting something new in the market and attracting new customers. Get in touch with some of the most popular food critics to try out your newly launched menu and ask them to write a food review for you. Similarly, you can also reach out to social media influencers who can post content on your behalf to promote your new menu and pricing in a creative and entertaining format. 

As per Restaurant Engine, to get started with this, all you need to do is simply invite the critics and influencers to your restaurant to get them through that door. Your new exciting menu should be reason enough for them to promote and post about your establishment and advertise without you having to spend a dime or brainstorm new marketing ideas.

  • Announce Your New Dishes Well In Advance 

If you’re adding new items to your menu or revamping your entire menu, this is a sure-shot way to bring in more customers. How? 

By announcing your new menu ahead of time, it will give your customers a reason to visit and try out their old favorites. And it will also create a great deal of suspense about what’s coming in next. Your loyal customers will be sure to visit on D-day for a first bite, and like the unveiling of a new product, your new menu launch could turn into a big event. 

  • Create New Menu Design

Your new items on the menu will have new pricing. There is no better way to demonstrate the start of something new than to re-imagine your restaurant menu design that will look inviting and, at the same time, align with your current ambiance. 

You may choose to hire a designer, but many software and easy-to-use apps have made this task a cakewalk for novice marketers who want to focus on faster output. A newly designed menu is a clear indication that your menu pricing and food items have been revamped. This would prevent your customers from missing out on what’s new!

  • Use Social Media Marketing 

So you have invited a food critic and an influencer. But your social media marketing game cannot stop at just that! It is essential that you leverage social media marketing whenever possible. This platform is the best possible way to engage with your current customers and entice new ones to your establishment. 

This platform is free but has to be used strategically. Make sure you answer the right questions and reach out to your desired audience with specially curated content. You can also leverage Facebook ads and Instagram ads. Though these are paid mediums, they are super effective, especially if you market them to your local customers who will most likely visit your outlet.

Once you have sorted your social media ads, it’s time to templatize and work on some new ads to be put out in the traditional and nontraditional format. 

  • A Social Media Contest 

Your social media game is still not over. You can get creative with your social media campaign, bring in many new audiences, and create some well-deserved hype around your menu. Creating giveaways, contests where you ask customers to take a picture or post about your new menu, tagging your restaurants in their stories or posts can be a sure shot way to spread the news like wildfire and gain many new customers. 

  • A Pamphlet In The Newspaper 

This is an old-school method but still manages to grab everyone’s attention right at the beginning of the day when they unfold it to read the daily news. Many customers still prefer tangible ads over social media. While planning this, ensure that you have a great design and make it short so that people are not wasting their time, but the pamphlet definitely catches their eye. This can also be the perfect way to first reach out to the locals. 

A new menu and new pricing is an exciting feat for your restaurant. To make your venture a success, use some of these strategies to retain your existing customers and reach out to many more new customers. 

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