8 Ways How Recipe Management Leads To Higher Revenue Generation At Your Restaurant

Recipe management to increase restaurant profits

Imagine this: Your restaurant is about to open another outlet at a prominent location. Your customers are eager to have dinner at the new fancy outlet, and expect the same quality of food served. But, they leave dissatisfied, since the quality of food was not as good as the main branch. Due to this, these customers eventually a switch to a better restaurant the next time they go out! You are worried that they might also ask their friends to not go to the new outlet because of the poor experience they had! What’s lacking in your restaurant is recipe management! 

What happened here is that you lost around 5-6 potentially loyal customers! Unfortunately, this is a common scenario that occurs with most restaurant brands. Since they are not able to serve the same quality of food across all their outlets, they tend to lose customers. Recipe management is, thereby, a crucial factor to increase your restaurant’s profits! 

Let’s dig in to understand more about it.

Using Your Restaurant Technology To Maximize Profits! 

Standardizing restaurant processes, especially kitchen operations, is a hallmark of success. The same is applicable universally for all the restaurateurs. Budding restaurateurs must take special note of keeping consistency across their new outlets. It becomes crucial to provide the same quality of food across all his outlets to protect one’s brand name in the market. This is where technology helps! 

i)Serve More!  Earn More!

A crucial part of recipe management involves setting a standardized preparation time for all your dishes! The lesser the scope for deviation, the more chances you have to earn better! 

Imagine a situation where two of your outlets make the same dish in different durations. 

In this scenario, there are two possibilities. One: the overall taste and presentation of the dish in the two outlets might vary.

Two, it could have an adverse impact on what a regular customer thinks of your brand. 

And three, it would impact the overall table turnover rate for both of your outlets! 

Thus, having a central recipe management system helps you increase your table turnover rate by keeping the processes streamlined. 

ii) Maintaining A Consistent Recipe Lowers Your Food Costs

Keeping a detailed standardized recipe across all your outlets would help you minimize any possible errors while making the dishes. Managing your recipes centrally also lets you lower  your food costs to a large extent!  

iii) Recipe Management Ensures Minimum Wastage 

Ensuring minimum wastage is another way to keep a check on your food costs. The lesser you waste, the more you earn! This is because a central recipe management system indicates how much raw material is needed for each of your dishes. Thereby, giving you an idea of the estimated stock required for the next day. 

Without any such process, you might use your raw materials in different quantities every time you prepare the same dish! This doesn’t only play with the taste of your dish but also disrupts your next purchase order. 

iv) Consistency Across Outlets 

Most restaurateurs would agree to the proverb that says, “Consistency is the key to success”. Declaring a common recipe across multiple outlets helps to maintain consistency and achieve the right brand name.  

v) Add  Recipes Across Outlets In One Click 

While managing your outlets daily, you also need to listen to what your customers have to say about your dishes! Imagine a scenario where you have constant feedback about a particular raw material added to one of your dishes. Adding it to your recipe is going to be a tedious task if each outlet has to do it manually. And now, imagine the same scenario happening over and over again!

Preventing the mess, you can take care of your recipes by putting it on a central dashboard, that updates all the recipes in each of your outlet in just a click! Too convenient!

Now, all you have to do is try to find the right restaurant technology for your restaurant. Preferably a cloud POS that offers you multiple benefits, more than a traditional POS ever can! 

vi) Ordering Just The Right Amount Of Stock

One fantastic way to increase your restaurant’s overall revenue is to never over-order your stock! There needs to be a constant check on what is being purchased from the vendors. Along with that, you also need to keep a check on the amount of wastage on a regular basis. Since the consumption of stock is a tricky metric to track, you must choose the smartest POS out there to keep up with the competition!  

vii) Easy to Use  

Apart from standardized training for new  staff members, you need to make it easy for them to t understand your business  goals. This includes the whole gamut of Front of House activities like recipes, the vibe that you want to maintain at your restaurant, and the overall customer experience you want to achieve. All of this, including handling a new outlet, is only possible if you manage the basics  well. 

With a modern POS system even your new staff can  deliver their best right from Day One. Inventory and recipe management  becomes much easier when you have a list of raw materials in their exact amounts to be put in each dish. 

viii) No Scope Of Errors- Staff Independent 

When we talk about making your restaurant staff independent, we don’t mean bringing in robots at your restaurant. Instead, we mean that the restaurant operations are so streamlined that absence of any staff does not impact it adversely. Using your restaurant technology to ensure that each member of your kitchen knows all your recipes inside out, and can handle days when the head chef isn’t available. 

All in all, using a recipe management system helps you to lower your food costs, or ensure that you never order more than is required. It minimizes wastage, and overall increases your restaurant’s profits. All you need to do is to find the right POS for your restaurant.

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