Posist Workation: When Business and Leisure Came Together

POSist Workation: When Business and Leisure Came Together

Posist has always been known for its most unusual yet coolest work culture amongst all the startups and each member of Posist takes immense pride in being a part of this weirdness. Time and again, the Posist Team gears up for different fun adventures to beat the daily work monotony, such as parties, Heritage Walks, and Outstation Trips.

Ever heard of an office going on a Workation (Work Vacation), that too to a lesser known village named Rakkar surrounded by the incredible beauty of Dharamsala? Well, yes. You heard it right. Posist Development Team and Marketing Team decked up on 12th night, Tuesday around 11 pm with their backpacks, super excited for this Workation.

Posist Workation to Dharamsala

The bus journey started with our mandatory Posist group selfie.  The journey was a lot of fun for each one of us as we played the best songs throughout the journey of our all-time favourite singers Sanam Puri, Lucky Ali, Euphoria and many more. However, one song that we played constantly was Maeri, that became the song of the trip indeed!

Our destination was the Ghoomakkad Inn, nestled in the beautiful Rakkar Village 10 km away from Dharamshala. Ghoomakkad turned out to be a home away from home for us in no time because of its simplicity, homely ambience with warmth, away from the chaos and noise of the city where any soul would be spellbound by the view of the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas.

The community space boasts of the splendid view of the Dauladhar range, a refreshing pool, a co-working space, a cafe, an urban farm and lush greenery of sorts. Not to forget the amazing residents of Ghoomakked with their minimalistic yet fulfilling lifestyles.

The Workation mode was on all the days. Our mornings usually started with refreshing walks to the nearby hills and rivers, followed by a ravenous locally grown, farm-fresh breakfast. Once fed, we’d dive into our work and our productivity seemed to increase manifolds in the fresh air! After the day’s hard work, we spent our evenings singing songs, taking long walks, and chatting around.

We tried to put our best foot for creating the setting for serious work, not to mention, whatever time we could make out after doing all other important adventurous activities!

The trip to Dharamshala would have been definitely been incomplete without some Trekking activities. Mr Mohinder, the owner of Ghoomakkad was generous enough to take us Trekking to the nearby mountains. Early morning we left around 7 am all set for trekking with our jackets, juices and quick snacks with all the required high spirits.

Throughout the trek, we chatted and had fun while carefully trudging along the treacherous winding paths. Mr Mohinder kept supplying us with his insightful knowledge of the indigenous plants that came along our way that is used by the locals there to survive the harsh weather. Not to forget, a lot of tripping did happen while trekking! After reaching the cliff top we had the scrumptious sandwiches and other snacks.

Posist team trekking

We also stopped by the natural waterfalls where all of us ran to soak our feet in the chilled water which was accumulated between the slippery stones. The easy flowing water was able to provide a calming effect to our worn out feet. We laughed, played, and drank from the fresh water from the hills, and that rejuvenated us for the trek ahead.

The late evening gatherings of the whole Team was the most exciting part of the day where all of us were found chilling around the pool playing our favourite songs. The Workation did act as an ice-breaking session between both the Teams, where people got to know each other better.

Alas, after 4 beautiful days it was time to bid adieu to Dharamshala. On the bright Sunday morning, we packed our bags and said goodbye to the place that gave us memories of a lifetime.

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