Create Automatic Sales and Purchase Reports

Push your restaurant’s sales and purchase data into the Accounting software with ease. Save time and eliminate manual errors by auto-creating Sales Vouchers and Receipts.

Payment Integration

Accept Digital Payments

Give your customers the choice to pay online. POSist provides integrations with multiple leading online payment service providers. Accept online payments from the popular digital wallets without any hassles.

Online Ordering

Target a wide number of customers loyal to different online ordering platforms.

It is always advisable to have a presence on multiple food ordering services so as to not miss out on potential customers. POSist allows you to automatically accept orders from various platforms and saves you the hassle of adding them manually into the POS at the end of each day. The entire customer data and order details are automatically added to the POS software. POSist’s smart CRM module fetches this data instantly and sorts the customers into buckets according to their behavior.

Cloud Telephony

Don’t miss a single order.

No matter how much online ordering permeates the market, telephonic orders are here to stay. Cloud Telephony allows you to accept orders even on busy days! If the first line is busy or the call is not being received, the call is instantly transferred to the next number automatically, until that call is received. Integration of Cloud Telephony with the Point of Sale software allows you to keep a track of the number of orders placed through the phone.

Table Reservation

Let your customers reserve the table of their choice.

POSist accepts tables booked via Table Reservation services, such as DineOut. The table booking is reflected in the POS real-time, thus avoiding the confusion of the table being allotted to another customer.

Website/Mobile Ordering

Accept orders through your own website and mobile app.

Let your customers order through your restaurant’s own website and mobile app. With so many options of online ordering available in the market, it is important to have your presence everywhere, so as to not lose any customers. POSist provides seamless integrations with Third Party Applications. You can have your own website and mobile app, and accept online orders through a Third Party. POSist accepts all orders and pushes them directly into the POS.

Delivery App

Assign and track delivery orders with ease.

Keep a track of the food sent out for delivery. View the location of your riders, pickup time and delivery time. Integration of Delivery Apps such as Zomato and Roadcast lets you assign orders to your riders from the POS. Order details such as order pickup time and order delivery time get reflected real time in the POS. You can calculate the average delivery time and the performance of your riders with the help of smart reporting features.

Delivery Partner

Get your food delivered to your customers with ease.

Assign your Delivery Orders to Third Party Delivery Services. Assign the orders to the Delivery Boys and track their location real-time through the POS.

Loyalty Programs

Keep your customers coming back for more.

Engage with and retain your customers with the help of efficient loyalty programs for your restaurant. Create customized loyalty programs based on customer behavior