Benefits For The Outlet Staff

POSist is easy to use and ensures smooth restaurant operations


User-Friendly Interface

POSist provides an extremely user-friendly interface that requires no special training to use. It can be easily understood and used even by a non-tech person.


Quick Billing

POSist is designed to support Quick Billing even during the rush hours. As soon as the customers finish their meal, the bill is generated automatically, thus reducing any delays.


Easy Upselling

POSist provides the unique feature of Suggestive Upselling. Waiters can view the customer details through the POS CRM, and suggest other items based on the ordering history of the customer.

Benefits For The Outlet Staff - Easy to Use Interface

Hassle-Free Order Taking

POSist’s Billing Module enables quick and easy order taking process. Full menu display along with the top-selling items makes it easier for the waiters to place the order into the POS. Instant KOT generation ensures no delay in the order preparation process.


Customer Feedback

POSist’s integrated Customer Feedback App allows your ground-staff to seek feedback easily through a web-enabled tablet. The App asks for custom feedback based on the particular items ordered and the service provided.


Benefits for Restaurant Outlet Staff