Let’s Build Something Great, Together…

Technology Partner

Our ecosystem has enabled our partners to serve hundreds of our client globally through a deeper product integration, and we can’t thank them enough. If you’ve a product or app that can make the life of our clients easier,
we would love to hear more.

Partner Benefits

App Listing on Marketplace

Making it easier for our visitors to discover more about your product

Generate more Leads

Interested leads are shared with you so that you can close more.

Deeper Collaboration

We loved your product, and so did our clients. Time to scale our partnership.

Each partnership request is closely reviewed by our team. We will get back to you within 48 hours of form submission. We you don’t hear back, please shoot a mail to [email protected]


Our software integration have helped our clients connecting their favorite tools and software directly through the POS to get the best out of their restaurant management solution.

We currently have more than 150+ integration listed on our Marketplace with some of the partners having more than 500 outlets as common.