Complete Billing Solution

Reduce the table-turnaround time with instant KOT generation and automatic billing. Accept orders from a table

Mobile Reporting

Keep a track of your restaurant operations from your mobile. View real-time data of the bills generated and total sales anytime, from anywhere.

Powerful Inventory Management

Maintain a tight control over your inventory by tracking the daily consumption. Set re-order levels that remind you to order more each time you run low on stock.

Centralized CRM

Centrally manage your customer database by segmenting them based on their order history. Engage with your customers better with custom SMS and emails for more sales.

Detailed Reporting & Analytics

View custom reports that give you detailed insights about your business through a graphical and tabular representation of data.

Integrated Online Ordering

Accept orders from the various Online Ordering platforms directly into the POS or from your own restaurant website.

Our Happy Customers
POSist serves more than 3500+ clients worldwide

4700 BC Popcorn

Chirag Gupta

"POSist works as a perfect model for startups like our's and continuously roles out new features required for restaurants in its software, so you do not have to pay each time and request for additional features. Being cloud based, it offers a lot more flexibility. Also, their 24x7 support system is an added bonus.We have been using POSist since the very beginning of our business and we are completely satisfied with their services."

Drunken Monkey

Samrath Reddy

When we started Drunken Monkey we tried about five POS systems before moving to POSist. I feel that with our growth plan POSist would be the ideal partner for us. As a company POSist doesn't stop discovering and expanding new things, as compared to other POS companies. They don't give just a billing software, they give you a software that can control your business. You can make sure anything and everything from the store is controlled, including the Attendance, Stock, Billings, Logistics, everything. It has been a very good journey, and we are reaping the benefits of what POSist has given us as a robust and innovative software, and I think it'll be even better going forward.

The Sky High

Shivang Gupta

It has been six years that we have been with POSist, and it has delivered a brilliant performance. The best part is that whenever we required a new feature in the software, it was already there. The best part of controlling costs was that it is error free software. There was a time when I left POSist and tried other modes to understand what I had and what I wanted. But I realized that I was actually saving money with POSist. There are loopholes in every software but POSist has been able to cover them all. Cloud based software is the present and future of restaurant technology. Every night I check the reports through the Cockpit App, and every morning I check the email reports from POSist. I begin my day with POSist and end my day with POSist.