Your Restaurant
with Digital Ordering & Payments


Contactless Dining

Make it easy for your guests to scan and place orders from their mobile browser with POSist’s Contactless Dining 

Live Outlet Count

Group Ordering

Allow multiple customers on a table to scan the same QR code for digital ordering.

Items Sold Count

Feedback Management

Seek item-wise feedback from the customers based on the order placed.

Total Bill Count

Automatic Loyalty

Enrich your customer database and run custom Loyalty Programs. Enrol customers automatically when they place orders digitally.

Customer Details

Multi Brand Ordering

Allow your customers to place orders from multiple brands using the same QR code.


Track of Discount

Offline Ordering

Accept orders digitally even if the customer does not have an internet connection.

Customer Details

Waiter Verified Orders

Let your waiters verify the orders, and then place them into the POS automatically.

Total Sales Details

Digital Postpaid Dining

Let your customers place digital orders without contacting the staff. Re-orders can be placed using the same QR code, and are automatically pushed into the POS.

How Contactless Dining Works

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Contactless Dining Benefits

No App Required

No download of any app required. When the guest scans the QR Code,
the menu loads in the browser like
an app.

No Transaction Charge

Accept online payments with direct transfer to business bank account without any additional transaction charges.

Digital Menu

Eliminate printed menus with Contactless Dining. Display the top menu items and allow your guests to place the order from their mobile phone browser.

Secure Payment

Allow your customers to choose from multiple payment gateways that are completely secure.

Intuitive Ordering

Let your customers place their orders through a simple and easy to use interface.

Increased Efficiency

Let your customers place orders and re-orders using the same QR code, without contacting your staff.