POSist Restaurant Software & Apps

Customised Restaurant Software & Apps for all types of restaurant formats & food outlets!


Restaurant Management Software

Customised restaurant software for all kinds of restaurants & food businesses!

POSist Fine Dine Restaurant Software

Fine Dine Restaurant Software

  • Table Billing
  • Online Table Reservation
  • Split Billing
  • Feedback Management
POSist Quick Service Restaurant Software

Quick Service Restaurant Software

  • Advanced Delivery Module
  • SMS Integration
  • Online Order Integration
  • Cloud Telephony
POSist Bakery Chain Software

Bakery Chain Software

  • Advance Booking & Average Reporting
  • Birthday & Anniversary Reminders
  • Shelf life Management
  • Central Kitchen Management
POSist Pubs & Bar Software

Pubs & Bar Software

  • Ordering at Bar
  • Happy Hour’s Offers Scheduling
  • Food and Drinks Bill Splitting
  • Strong Stock Management
POSist Pizza Chain Software

Pizza Chain Software

  • Kitchen Display System
  • Flexible Menu Ordering
  • Delivery Management
  • Managing Different Delivery Zones
POSist Sweet Shop Software

Sweet Shop Software

  • Automatic Pricing and Billing
  • Centralised Billing of Multiple Outlets
  • Advance Booking Orders
  • Customised Detailed Billing
POSist Ice-Cream Shop Software

Ice-Cream Shop Software

  • Production Management
  • Instant KOT generation
  • Tablet Billing
  • Wastage & Theft Control
POSist Biryani Shop Software

Biryani Shop Software

  • Tablet Billing
  • Stock and Inventory Management
  • Central CRM
  • Online Ordering
POSist Large Restaurant Chain Software

Large Restaurant Chain Software

  • Central Menu Management
  • Enterprise Reporting
  • Central CRM
  • Easy Stock Management
POSist Food Court Software

Food Court Software

  • Card Management
  • Detailed Transaction Reporting
  • CRM Integration
  • Loyalty Program Integration
POSist Food Truck Software

Food Truck Software

  • Billing On-The Go
  • Supports Cloud Printing
  • Tracking and Real-Time Reports
  • Payment Processing
POSist Cafe/Coffee Shop Software

Cafe/Coffee Shop Software

  • Print KOT & Bill In Single Click
  • Fully-Automated Offer Integration
  • Make The Most Of Your Menu
  • Payments Made Easier

Other Products

Additional restaurant apps and modules to boost your restaurant operations!

POSist Restaurant Website Ordering

Website Ordering

  • Customisable Layout
  • Real-Time Menu
  • Customer Profiles
  • Saved Order History
  • Advance Orders
  • Customer Feedback
POSist Restaurant Mobile Ordering

Mobile Ordering

  • Customizable Layout
  • Real-Time Menu
  • Push Notifications
  • Customer Profiles
  • Advance Orders
  • Saved Order History
Posist Restaurant Cockpit App

Cockpit App

  • Live Outlet Count
  • Total Bill Count
  • Items Sold Count
  • Track Of Discount
  • Total Sales Details
  • Customer Details
POSist Restaurant Marketing App

Marketing App

  • Data Integration
  • Data Segmentation
  • SMS Integration
  • Email Marketing
POSist Restaurant Customer Feedback App

Feedback App

  • Customer Reviews
  • Real-Time Alerts for Poor Reviews.
  • Specific Feedback
  • POS Integration
POSist Restaurant Server App

Server App

  • Quick Order Taking
  • CRM Integration
  • Full Menu Display
  • Suggesting Upselling
POSist Restaurant Delivery App

Delivery App

  • Easy Delivery of Orders
  • CRM Integration
  • Real-Time Tracking
POSist Restaurant Call Center Panel

Call Center Panel

  • Central Panel
  • Integrated CRM
  • Call Recording