Railway Budget 2016 Brings Good News for Restaurants

Railway Budget 2016- Good News for Restaurants

The Railway Budget 2016 brought several changes in the Indian Railways which has also brought in some good news for the restaurants as well. Railway minister, Suresh Parabhu announced that travelers would now have the facility to order local, hygienic food in trains. E-catering will be available for the passengers. Passengers can order their food from the IRCTC website at the time of booking the ticket or call the restaurant from which they want to order. The catering will be done in a phased manner, and be separately managed on the basis of food preparation and food distribution.

Railway Budget 2016 Provides E-catering from Restaurant Brands

Railways have partnered with brands like Light Bite Food, Domino’s, KFC, Chaayos etc for providing catering to the passengers, and with food delivery services and aggregators like TravelKhana for efficient delivery of food orders. Restaurants can register with TravelKhana here.

This provision is a further a step forward in the food tech and food delivery industry as the reach of restaurants to potential customers will increase marginally. Restaurants now have a wider target audience, as they will be able to cater to the passengers who are travelling as well. This move is also beneficial for the passengers, giving them a wide option to choose their food from. Especially while travelling, people are cynical about trying out new food. Having the option to order from their favourite brands that ensure quality and consistency in their food would further improve the experience of the passengers.


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