Government to Ask Restaurants to Specify Portion Size, not Fix It.

Government to Ask Restaurants to Specify Portion Size, not Fix It

The laws of the Restaurant Industry seem to run pretty much haywire these days. With the removal of the Service Charge, last year to the recent ban on serving liquor within 500 meters of Highway, the rules imposed on the F&B space have seem to become increasingly bizarre. Although few of these proposals are implemented, the rumors often escalate, creating much uncertainty and disorder among the restaurant owners and customers alike.

Government Regulations Regarding Restaurants Fixing Portion Sizes

Most recently, the news of fixing portions of food in restaurants caused much uproar in the Restaurant Community, and was widely discussed on Social Media. A news by Hindustan Times reported that the NDA government is preparing to fix food portions in order to cut food wastage.

fixing food portionSource: Hindustan Times

The news was met with immediate outrage, with several restaurant and hospitality bodies expressing their disapproval and called the proposal impractical. “Although the thought behind this concept is noble, and we appreciate it, but to implement this idea is highly impractical.” said the president of HRAWI, “It essentially would mean that hoteliers will now have to customize dishes or portions of a dish to individual appetites.” (sic)

However, according to the recent news, the statement of Mr. Paswan seems to have been misreported. The government is proposing that restaurants and hotels specify the portion size in the menu, that would mention the quantity being served in each dish.

In most of the restaurants, it is a common practice for the servers and waiters to mention the quantity of the dish, and the number of people it would serve. A number of restaurants also have tie-ups with NGOs that pick up excess food and distribute it among the poor to prevent wastage of leftover food. 

Food wastage is one of the major causes of high Food Costs in restaurants. Mentioning the quantity served in each dish would educate the customers and help them order better. Find out how to reduce Food Wastage in your restaurant here

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