Trekking Into the New Year at Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

Trekking Into the New Year at Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

New Year comes with new resolutions, hopes, aims, motivation and interests. Every so often, Team POSist dons their jackets and gears up for new adventures. This year we decided to go on a trek to Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary, and welcome the New Year with full gusto  The chilly winter further convinced us that trekking was sure to be a great idea to warm ourselves.
So, on the cold winter morning of 2nd January, we assembled outside the Tughlakabad Fort, all geared up for the trek. Dressed in comfortable shoes and carrying backpacks, we began our trek around 10 AM.
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Welcoming the New Year with an Adventurous Trek

This time around as well, we were accompanied by Asif Khan Dehlvi and Atif from Delhi Karavan, after two previous incredible stints at the Mehrauli Archaeological Park and the trek to Qila Lal Kot. Delirious with excitement, we packed inside cars in groups and began our drive ahead to Asola Bhatti. We parked our cars outside the Wildlife Sanctuary and with high spirits began the exhilarating trek. The peripheral way was rocky and surrounded by thorny bushes around the sides, which further set the mood for the credibility of our ‘adventurous’ trek.

Laughing and chatting amongst ourselves, we marched on, with Asif telling us enchanting stories about the woods and their residents. He told us how the now created lakes were once reservoirs of sand mines, and over the years, the mines were filled with water and transformed into serene lakes. We also caught the fancy of a troop of chattering monkeys, and a few of our teammates had to share some of their tidbits to finally get rid of them!

Posist team at Asola Wildlife SanctuaryTraipsing ahead, we had a good resistance training session (thanks to the steep and rocky roads), but we did manage to skillfully complete the 4 km trek to the Asola Bhatti Lake. Our fatigue after the strenuous hike, however, vanished at the sight of the panoramic view. Nestled in between the hills, lay the quiet Asola lake that was breathtaking in its serenity. We quickly dumped our bags and rushed towards the lake to soak in our feet into the cold water.  The calming feel of the cold water and sand under our feet was soothing and exhilarating in its tranquillity and we cherished the moments by the lake.Posist Team outing at Asola Wildlife Sanctuary

We spent the next few hours having the best time of our lives! We turned up the music and began unwinding ourselves. Good food, music, Hukkah, and the serene view of the lake lifted up our moods. Of course, none of our excursions with Delhi Karavan is complete without the mesmerizing shayary by Asif. Both Asif and Atif were gracious enough to recite some of their own composed sher (couplet), and we enjoyed every bit of it.

After spending good 4-5 hours around the lake, it was time to bid farewell. The way up was relatively tiring, and we thought we were drained off of all the energy that we had, but we still kept our spirits high as we chatted, laughed and clicked more pictures on our way back.

Posist Team ExcrusionAsif addressed us for the last time (for the particular trip, of course), and we all went our ways grouped in cars, carrying the beautiful memories and aura of the lesser known Asola Bhatti Wildlife Sanctuary. The trek indeed turned out to be a great way to unwind and relax from our busy city lives, and we find ourselves rejuvenated for the new year ahead! 


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