A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash

A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash

Birthdays are always a reason to celebrate. We can never miss the chance to eat cake, after all! All our birthdays are celebrated at our headquarters by cutting the cake and smearing it on the birthday boy/girl’s face.

In-house celebrations are routine. The birth-month people get together and give us a treat every so often. We have a big beautiful walk-in terrace where we hold our parties, that can easily give competition to any club in town, and hence we never felt the need to go out!

A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash
Our beloved terrace cum playground cum club

Birthday Celebrations At POSist

When the birthday of Ranjeet, our Development Team head came, we decided that it was time raise the notch of our celebrations a little higher. We opted to go out and let our hair down. That, and the fact that our Sales Team head, Maomun’s birthday party was due as well, and we’d resolved to get a grand treat from them!

Amid snug discussions in the crisp winter sun (again, on the terrace that is currently serving as a Badminton Court), we made impromptu plans and decided for a private party at one of the coolest joints in town, 2 bandits. A dear friend, and a happy customer, 2 Bandits’ owner Shivang Gupta happily catered to us, and that made the party a huge success.

Loaded in cars, we reached the restaurant around 7, and the décor immediately took our breath away. Bright and cosy interiors, with fun swings for seating, were the highlight of the evening. We immediately seated ourselves on the swings like a bunch of toddlers let loose in a playground.

A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash
Swings and games brought out the kid in us!

But then in came the Hukkas and we immediately forgot our school days and switched onto party mode. Overflowing beer and rocking music played their part in setting the mood.

A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash
Hukka connoisseurs at work!

But the best part of the evening was certainly the scrumptious food! Each and every item, pasta, pizza, burger and sizzlers to name a few, was delicious to the last bite. In came copious amounts of mouth-watering dishes, and we spared no time in ordering our favourite delicacies (Sorry Ranjeet and Maomun!)

We particularly enjoyed the Texan Chicken Burger, and the sinfully delicious dripping pan, suggested by Shivang himself. The friendly staff tirelessly catered to our each and every request (which to be honest, were quite a lot!) and impressed us all with their impeccable service.

A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash
The hauntingly delicious food!

Amid great conversation, music and fun, we certainly enjoyed our best. It also turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to get to know the new additions to our family, the new joinees a little better. The ice was broken as we all took turns to dance with gay abandon.

A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash
We’re bad dancers, and extremely unabashed about it!

And of course, the sinfully delicious chocolate cake concluded the end of the evening, and although it was too delicious to be wasted, we still managed to smear it on the faces of everyone in the near vicinity! After all, what’s a birthday party without a little jest 😉

A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash
Cake on our faces. Still delicious 😉

 Happy Birthday Ranjeet and Maomun! We certainly enjoyed a lot. Looking forward to your next treat!

A Midwinter Night Birthday Bash
Our best wishes to the Birthday Boys!

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