February 30 – Anish Bhadech says Customers Deserve a Unique Dining Experience

Anish Bhadech has demonstrated a history of working in the Entertainment & Media Industry. With years of rich experience in this field, he has been associated with projects like Sunburn Festival, Sunburn Arena, Sunburn Campus, Sunburn Reload, BollyBoom, Superstar India, The Shaadi Festival and big fat destination weddings in India & abroad. From planning to executing events, he has done it all. Anish always wanted to establish something of his own and that is how he started  February 30, an all-day eatery and bar in Mumbai. From vegetarian and non-vegetarian treats to Jain, Vegan, Keto, and Gluten-Free variations of dishes, the all-encompassing menu has a lot to offer. 

In Conversation With Anish Bhadech of February 30

In an exclusive conversation with The Restaurant Times, Anish Bhadech talks of his journey in the industry, the story behind February 30, managing inventory and costs, and a lot more.

‘Reality Is An Illusion’ At February 30

The motto of February 30 is ‘Reality is an Illusion’, it promises unreal times to the patrons. Just like February 30 does not exist in the calendar, similarly, they aspire to offer an unusual twist to the entire dining experience. To provide a surprise element to the patrons, they offer a bowl of chits called the ‘Potluck’. These chits are customized on the basis of the number of patrons at the table. The chits have offers such as discount coupons, free meals, 1+1, free drinks, etc. From every table, a patron picks up a chit and avails the offer mentioned on the chit. This strategy helps them in engaging with the patrons and retaining them. 

Managing The Inventory and Costs Efficiently At February 30

Inventory control is crucial as it directly influences a restaurant’s food costs and hence, the overall profit. While inventory management is in itself a complex job, managing a bar is even more complicated. According to Bhadech, here are a few points to keep in mind while managing the inventory and costs:

  • Purchase Right By Tapping The Right Market: There are a lot of vendors available in the market selling raw materials. It is the duty of the restaurateur to identify the best market and make the purchase. While searching for the right vendor, one should think about hiring the vendor in much the same way as hiring the restaurant’s employees. Bhadech says that negotiating the right deal should be a priority.
  • Reduce Wastage: Bhadech says that while accepting stock from vendors, make sure that the raw materials are not stale or spoiled food items. To reduce food wastage, it is advisable to buy seasonal products. It is vital to monitor the stock available at your restaurant, to avoid overbuying of raw materials. 

 Keeping The Employees Happy and Motivated

Excellent staff is hard to find, and it is even harder to retain them in today’s competitive restaurant labour market. Employees leave jobs every day, and the causes are many. By nature, the restaurant industry has a high-stress atmosphere coupled with relatively low pay rates; together these can lead to employee turnover. 

As a restaurateur, Bhadech says its the duty of the restaurant owner to guide the employees and assure them of bright future prospects at the restaurant, based on performance. It is vital to keep the employees content and motivated to retain them and deliver the best experience to your customers. 

Firstly, acknowledging employees’ work is essential. Offering incentives or rewards on the basis of performance is a great way of acknowledging their’ efforts. Secondly, taking care of the basic needs of employees should be the restaurant owners’ concern. Paying adequate attention to the in-house working conditions and providing staff facilities makes them feel valued. These considerations will help you to retain the existing staff and attract more.

Top Strategies For Successful Restaurant Management

  • Correct Brand Positioning: By defining the correct positioning, a brand can set itself apart from the competition, create a recall value and ensure that the brand’s USP comes through immediately. According to Bhadech, your brand positioning should ensure it communicates the uniqueness that only your brand provides and that customers choose you for.
  • Think About Target Audience: It really doesn’t matter if you think your restaurant is the best, what matters is what your audience thinks. By targeting an audience based on demographics, preferences, etc, and by appealing directly to them, they feel understood and accepted for who they are, creating customer loyalty. It is not necessary to be the primary person to do something, but you have to be the leading person to build that opinion in the mind of your audience, says Bhadech.
  • Good Restaurant Atmosphere: Going out to have food is more than just dining, it’s about the overall experience. Making a good first impression is indispensable, says Bhadech. From the food to staff, everything should be perfect. Having appealing music and lighting is important, but the manner in which your staff interacts with guests is a critical differentiating factor. They are the ones who bring energy and excitement to your restaurant. Your servers should be welcoming and helpful!

From ensuring the backend processes such as procuring, preparation, and the delivery of food is smooth, to handling the customers, everything needs to be taken care of, to run a successful restaurant. A restaurateur needs to take risks and balance various operations in the right manner to be successful!

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