Sweet Tooth Craving – 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai that are a Must Visit!

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

From awesome creamy cakes and sugar savories to pastries and pies, you can have it all under these 27 roofs. Flatter your taste buds and relish the rich, sweet delicacies of these superb bakeries in Mumbai. Due to the advancement of technology, many bakeries and cake shops have started to incorporate a restaurant management software for managing their day to day operations. Let’s dive into each one of the best bakeries in Mumbai.

Best Bakeries in Mumbai that You Should Not Miss

Read below to know about the best bakeries in Mumbai.

1. The Bakers Dozen

The Baker’s Dozen is an exclusive artisan’s bakery situated in Mumbai’s four prime locations. They are known for its fine European bread and buns, gourmet sandwiches, homemade dips, and coffee. Their goodies are freshly baked and mouthwatering, tempting customers from all over Mumbai.

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

Claim to Fame: Four-Grain Bread, Green Apple Cheese Sandwich, Challah (Jewish Bread), Banana Loaf, Focaccia & Ragi Crackers.

2. Theobroma

Theobroma is a treat for eyes and taste buds too. Being one of the most popular patisseries in Mumbai, it is known for toothsome sweet baked goodies. Be it cakes, pastries, mousses, tarts, sandwiches each and everything is available in their multiple outlets.

Claim to Fame: Macaroons, Red velvet brownie, Opium cake, Opera Cake & Overloaded cupcakes.

3. Hearsch Bakery & Co. Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

Hearsch Bakery & Co. has been a historic one-stop destination for any baked snacks and also offering a completely yum experience to serve hunger pangs of their customers. It is known for a large variety of burgers, patties, buns, puffs, and croissants. This quick takeaway joint is situated in Bandra.

Claim to Fame: Chicken Burger, Chicken Lollypop, Mini Spring Rolls, Mutton Puff & Cheese Croissants.

4. The Rolling Pin

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai The Rolling Pin is a place with French-inspired interiors and an open kitchen.  Situated in Lower Parel, Mumbai it is known for their exotic collection of bread displayed on a long rack. It offers an amazing collection of cakes and pastries which you can see being prepared in front of you by the chefs.

Claim to Fame: Chocolate mousse bar, Baked cheesecake, Nespresso & Freshly baked bread and bagel

5. Ovenfresh

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in MumbaiOvenfresh is a bakery and a café situated in Dadar, Mumbai. Having the look of a cozy little diner, it is a veggie’s delight, serving light snacks and baked goodies. They also offer gift boxes and flowers along with an array of delicious desserts. Ovenfresh is considered as one of the best bakeries in Mumbai for its quality of food served.

Claim to Fame: Signature Nachos, Paneer pepper steak sizzler, Dark chocolate smoothie & Cheesecake brownie.

6. Bombay Baking Company

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

Bombay Baking Company is a classic bakery and patisserie at JW Marriott, Juhu, and is a café where one can chill for long hours. It is the in-house bakery of JW Marriott and is known for being frequented by celebs. They also have a bookstore and have various gift items on display which do not let you feel bored.

Claim to Fame: Gourmet sandwiches, sumptuous salads, Coffee & Croissants.

7. Love & Cheesecake

Love & Cheesecake is located in 3 locations of Mumbai and has an apt name. This place has beautiful interiors that are cute and eye-catchy.  An artisan patisserie, chandeliers, and vintage clock add to their entire appeal.

Claim to Fame: Red velvet cheesecake, Blueberry cheesecake, Lemon cheesecake & Tiramisu.

8. Love Sugar & Dough

Love Sugar Dough is a quirky and colorful patisserie located in 3 locations in Mumbai and offers delightful sweet offerings to its customers. This place also offers their items in different sizes, be it bite-sized or single pastry-sized. It is surely recommended for a pleasant outing with your friends.

Claim to Fame: Red velvet cheesecake, Rainbow pastry, Chocolate truffle & Variety of cupcakes.

9. Le 15 Patisserie

Le 15 Patisserie is a beautiful patisserie with sober interiors blanketed between numerous other shops and outlets. The cozy little bakery is currently at 2 locations in Mumbai and has a cute pinkish ambiance. They have an amazing collection of Cupcakes, Choux pastries, Macaroons and Tarts that is a must-have for all food lovers.

Claim to Fame: Mango Cake, Belgian chocolate cake, Red velvet cupcake, Nutella, Chocolate tart, Sea salt macaroon.

10. Guilt Trip 

Guilt Trip is a place where one is surely set to fall in love with desserts and develop a sweet tooth if one doesn’t have already. Aptly named, Guilt Trip is situated at 3 locations in Mumbai and has been a stopover for many consumers now. Be it the snacks, or jars to a wholesome dessert, and it has everything ready.

Claim to Fame: Red velvet cupcake, Blueberry cheesecake, Dark chocolate brownie, Salted caramel macaroon.

11. American Express Bakery

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

American Express Bakery is a quaint little confectionary joint situated at Bandra, Mumbai and is also one of the oldest bakeries. Their items are freshly baked and also pocket-friendly for the customers. They also have specials on the menu each day which is worth trying.

Claim to Fame: Cheese Straws, Chicken Rolls, Patties & Puffs & Variety of loaves of bread.

12. B. Merwan & Co.

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai B Merwan & Co. is a heritage Irani café and a bakery which has been operational from a century in Mumbai. It has been able to make a special place in the hearts of the Mumbai people because this place is known for its old-world charm and authentic and fresh bakery items. It is usually packed with the crowd even in the early hours of the morning.

Claim to Fame: Mawa cakes, Cupcakes, Veg Patties, Omelettes & Bun Maska.

13. Birdy’s Bakery & Patisserie

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in MumbaiBirdy’s Bakery & Patisserie is a cake shop which can be found at multiple locations in Mumbai. They also design customized cakes on order anytime the customer wants and is also a takeaway joint. Easy reach and availability add up more brownie points for this place, making it a must-visit.

Claim to Fame: Customized cakes for any occasion, Signature chocolates, Croissants & Butter Muffins.

14. La Folie Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

La Folie is an adorable little patisserie with deep and dark furniture complementing the white ambiance, which gives an exquisite look. It is currently at 2 locations in Mumbai, and quite a rage among the Mumbai people for its creative and delicious desserts.

Claim to Fame: Candy Cake, Macaroons, Caramel Praline & Raspberry Chocolate Dessert

15. Country of Origin 

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries & Patisseries in MumbaiCountry of Origin is an amazing joint that has a small space but serves as one of the best bakeries in Mumbai. It is currently situated at 3 locations in Mumbai. They also have many options for people who prefer eggless food.

Claim to Fame: Salted caramel, Swiss chocolate tart, Whisky mousse, Belgium biscuit pastry, Chocolate pastry & Delicious Jar Desserts.

16. New Edward Bakery 

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

New Edward Bakery is a simple bakery with an old-world charm, which is known to make a lot of Mumbaikars stop here and try out some mouth-watering delicacies. It is situated in Fort, Mumbai and is known to have freshly prepared goodies that have just the right amount of crumbliness and taste.

Claim to Fame: Nan Khatai, Strawberry Biscuits & Chicken Lollypops

17. One More Bite 

One More Bite is a dessert parlor that will surely drive you crazy with their customized cakes for multiple occasions and with great perfection and accuracy. There are a lot of amazing options for the customers to select from; it is completely worth a try. They are known for their delicious and lip-smacking options.

Claim to Fame: Chocolate Nutella cake, Red velvet cupcake, Chocó pops & Customized cakes.

18. The Boston Cupcakery Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

The Boston Cupcakery has revolutionized the cupcake scenario according to its customers and has an amazing collection of cupcakes that offer a sinful experience to its customers with a small seating space at its outlet in Mumbai, and this place is a true gem and sure to take you to the heaven.

Claim to Fame: Nutella cupcake, Ferrero Rocher cupcake, Red velvet cupcake with Ice cream, Whipped cream, Chocolate & Nutties.

19. Sweetish House Mafia

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in MumbaiSweetish House Mafia is a homely and intimate café serving coffees, cookies, milkshakes and more. Known for its highly fresh and scrumptious cookies, it has a vintage ambiance and is blue. It is situated at 3 locations in Mumbai, and a must-visit sweet paradise.

Claim to Fame: Double chocolate chip cookie, Nutella sea salt cookie, Chocolate truffle cookies, S’mores & Nutella Shake.

20. Ellipsis Bakery Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

Tucked inside the BMC Asphalt Compound Worli, Ellipsis Bakery is a quaint little bakery with glasshouse architecture. A relaxing space amongst the lush greenery, they have an exotic range of baked goodies.

Claim to Fame: Cheesecake pie, Crack nut pie, Gluten-free bread, Chocolate brownie & Carrot cake.

21. D’Crepes Cafe

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in MumbaiD’ Crepes Café is known for its varied combinations of crepes and delicious cakes, pastries, and other savories. It is currently situated in 3 locations of Mumbai and is headed by a team of 3 people who believe in adding creativity to the cafe. A place that offers good ambiance, mouthwatering food, and courteous service, it is a must-visit.

Claim to Fame: Crepes, Toffee Cheesecake & Red Velvet Cake

22. Candies Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

Candies is a bakery and a coffee shop, serving not only an amazing variety of desserts but a range of snacks as well. Known for its amazing rooftop setting, it is popular among its patrons for having a chilled out time with friends and family. It is gigantic and gives one a European feel with delicious tarts, salads, puffs, rolls to mouth-watering macaroons and pastries.

Claim to Fame: Chocolate Lava Cake, Cold Coffee, Angry Birds Cake & Chocolate Milkshake

23. Yazdani Bakery 

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai Yazdani Bakery is a legendary Iranian café which is operational since 1953. It draws multiple tourists and also the Mumbaikers due to its old-world charm and appeal. They prepare freshly baked items in a wood fire oven, and despite the immense competition, this café is running successfully. Right from their buns to their pastries, every item is simply mouthwatering.

Claim to Fame: Chai, Brun Muska, Zeera Biscuits, Toast & Small Khari

24. Suzzette Creperie & Café Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

Suzette is a famous creperie and café situated at 3 locations in Mumbai, and it is quite a popular joint known for its French cuisine including salads, sandwiches, gluten-free crepes and also baked items. It is a lively and bustling joint catering to each and everyone’s personal favorite on the menu, a surely recommended place.

Claim to fame: Nutella cupcake, Ferrero Rocher cupcake, red velvet cupcake with ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate & nutty.

25. Celebrations Fine Confections

Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in MumbaiCelebrations Fine Confections is a dessert parlor situated at 2 locations in Mumbai. It is known for its collection of different and innovative bakery items, Offers some amazing authentic cakes which are freshly baked and a must recommended option for any event or an occasion.

Claim to Fame: Flavored Cakes & Flavored Chocolates

26. Vivanta By Taj Bakery (Sugar & Spice) Sweet Tooth Craving - 27 Best Bakeries in Mumbai

Sugar & Spice is a quaint little bakery and patisserie at Vivanta by Taj President, Mumbai. It offers a superior quality of food and ambiance, A good option for spending quality time with friends and family when in town.

Claim to Fame: Quiches, Croissants & Cakes

27. Sugartooth

Sugartooth is a heaven for a sweet tooth and is situated in Andheri, Mumbai. It has a simple ambiance that is perfect for trying out its delicious baked items on the menu. It is reasonably priced, offers great service and has a courteous staff.

Claim to Fame: Chocolate Royal Cake, Rum Ball & Hazelnut Chocolate.

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