Download the top tools and resources to run your restaurant business better.

1) Required Licenses Guide for Restaurants

We have developed a guide with information on licenses required to operate restaurants successfully.

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2) Ready-made Appointment Letter

Creating a human resource structure, and then hiring the right talent is one of the most challenging tasks of running a restaurant. Download a ready-made Appointment Letter for hiring employees full-time as well as part-time.

Just put in the relevant information, or edit as you may choose to, and you’d be ready to offer your employees a job at your restaurant!

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3) Restaurant Manager Checklist

We have developed an Opening and Closing Restaurant Manager Checklists with a list of Day-to-Day Duties. Follow these and Manage Your Restaurant hassle- free.

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4) Liquor Cost Controlling Kit

We have developed a Liquor Cost Controlling Kit that will help you to control the liquor cost. Download this Kit to have hassle free bar scenes.

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