With POSist, you canĀ 


  1. Control Thefts & Pilferages in your Restaurant.
  2. Market your Restaurant to the right people at the right time.
  3. Manage Multiple Outlets, Kitchens, and Franchisees easily.
  4. Increase your reach by partnering with online ordering platforms(Zomato, Swiggy & Foodpanda)
  5. Get Real-Time Sales & Stock Alerts on your Mobile.
  6. Increase order size by upselling recommended dishes to your customers.
  7. Allocate & Track the delivery of your orders.



POSist is restaurant management software that provides complete restaurant management for all types of restaurants and food outlets in Surat. We are a cloud-based restaurant technology platform providing a wide variety of services such as billing, inventory management, central kitchen management, CRM, reporting, and analytics, in our integrated Point of Sales solution. Along with Point of Sale, we provide a host of other advanced services such as Online Ordering, Mobile Analytics for restaurants, Feedback Management, and Marketing Platform for smooth restaurant management and operations.

Home to the authentic Gujarati food, Surat has several new restaurants coming up to cater to the growing demand of the people. Adajan Gam, Piplod, City Light, Athwa, Vesu, Nanpura, Nana Varacha,Katargam, etc are the hot locations in Surat with a host of restaurants and cafes serving the local residents.

Restaurant management software especially catered for various types of food outlets plays an important role in providing seamless service to the customer

POSist facilitates the demands of these new age restaurants in Surat with unique features like automatic billing, split billing, table reservation, cloud telephony, multi-currency support, loyalty program integration, that encompassed together allow efficiently and easy management of restaurants.