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Collect Customer Data &  Run Effective Marketing Campaigns with POSist’s Restaurant CRM Software

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Central Customer Management

POSist’s Restaurant CRM Software provides a centralized accessibility of your customer database across all outlets.

Restaurant CRM Software - Central Customer Management
  • A customer of one outlet becomes the customer of the entire restaurant brand. Thus, you can run loyalty programs across various outlets with ease.
  • Share customer data across all your restaurant outlets at different geographic locations.
  • Collect customer data from various channels such as Online Ordering, Feedback or Surveys and upload them in one central database.
  • Segment data based on the customer behaviour. Identify regular & one time visitors and gather meal preferences of each customer.


Loyalty Program Integration

POSist’s Restaurant CRM Software gets easily integrated with third-party Loyalty Programs


  • Create point-based or visit-based custom Loyalty Programs to encourage repeat visits of customers.
  • Create cloud-based Loyalty Programs that don’t require the hassles of Loyalty Cards to add or redeem points.
  • Create personalised Loyalty Programs based on the customer behaviour and spending habits.
  • Launch outlet specific offers or run global Loyalty Program campaigns across multiple outlets.


Restaurant CRM Software - Loyalty Program Integration

Email Marketing

Engage with your customers with POSist’s Email Marketing Module.

Restaurant CRM Software - Email Marketing


  • Keep your customers updated about the latest offers running in your restaurant through engaging emails.
  • Create, schedule and send impactful emails for maximum customer engagement
  • Greet your customers on their Birthdays and Anniversaries by sending them personalized emails.
  • Send customized offers to your customers based on their ordering history and behaviour.
  • Create and schedule the email campaigns to send at a later date with ease.

SMS Marketing

Keep your customers updated by sending them customized SMSs


  • SMSs have a high opening rate and leave an impact on the customers’ minds.
  • Send SMS updates to your customers about their Delivery Order status.
  • Market the latest deals and offers running at your restaurant, or the event being hosted through SMSs.
  • Create personalized offers based on their ordering habits and send custom SMSs to your regulars.
  • Send greetings and wishes to your customers on special occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and festivals.
Restaurant CRM Software - SMS Marketing

Learn how POSist can help you run your restaurant better

Hear What Our Customers Say About Us!


POSist is a more structured format of POS; it has a lot more data integrated into it. It has efficiently helped us with popularity analysis and in identifying customer behavior, right from their preferred menu items to the number of times they visit our restaurant. 

Amit Ahuja- Founder, The Open Box and Misu


The Royal Dudes

POSist has made customer analysis quite easy for us and helped us in increasing our customer ticket size, allowing us to cater to more than 3000 customers who interact with our brand. We now have better control of our inventory and have eliminated the dishes that are not doing well, all thanks to the data provided to us by the POS. 

Sakshi Rastogi- Owner, The Royal Dudes


The Belgian Waffle Co.

POSist has been a great technology partner for us since the beginning. We have more than 200 stores, all running on POSist. The user interface that they offer is extremely user-friendly for the restaurant staff. The Material Management & Inventory Software has been of great help, allowing us to manage our entire backend inventory and the orders placed by various franchises. POSist has provided us with real-time reports which have benefited us in understanding our consumer consumption pattern, assisting us to tailor make our marketing campaigns and determine the offers we need to run. 

Shrey Aggarwal- Founder, The Belgian Waffle Co.

SK Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

POSist is one of the best software we have come across; the interface is user-friendly, which our restaurant staff finds comfortable to use. POSist also provides us with excellent data analysis, which allows us to manage our restaurant more conveniently.

Rajeev Matta- CEO, SK Restaurants Pvt. Ltd.

And, that’s not all!

We have more in store to equip your business with the state-of-the-art restaurant technology to grow your business and outgrow your competitors!

Cloud Telephony

Cloud Telephony

Don’t miss a single telephonic order. The call gets automatically transferred to the next available line until it gets received. View the call logs and the order history through reports.

Custom Messages

Custom Messages

Set reminders and alerts to send greetings messages to customers on their special occasions such as Birthdays and Anniversaries. Generate custom offers for their special day.

Data Segmentation

Data Segmentation

Segment your customer data based on their ordering habits and details using POSist’s smart analytics. Create targeted campaigns for each segment type to drive the maximum engagement.

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