POSist allows the Purchase Team to keep a complete track of the Stock and Inventory with ease. You can view the Daily Consumption and check Variance between Ideal Consumption and Physical Consumption.


The Purchase Team can manage multiple Vendors easily through the Vendor Management Module. Create separate profiles for each Vendor and save the important details such as PAN Card number, TIN, and ID proof.


POSist facilitates the Stock Management of the finished and semi-finished items. The Purchase Team can keep a track of the number of finished items produced and raise Purchase Orders based on the Stock requirements.

POSist's POS Software Benefits for Purchase Team for your Restaurant
POSist's Restaurant Management Software Benefits for Restaurant's Purchase Team


POSist allows the Purchase Team to track the consumption of the stock items and view the consumption trends. Based on the reports, the Purchase Team can forecast the Stock Requirements and raise the Purchase Order.


The Purchase Team plays an integral role in the Recipe Costing. The Menu Price of the items is based on the Cost Price of the Stock Items and the total cost of preparing a menu item. The Purchase Team can do the Recipe Costing of each item automatically through the POS software.


The Purchase Team also needs to keep a track of the Shelf-life of the stock items as well as the finished items such as baked goods. POSist’s Shelf-life Management feature allows the Purchase Team to set alerts for the expiration of stock items.