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Automatic Pricing And Billing

Automate Your Bill Calculations

Are you looking for a POS which is optimized for all types of calculations done in sweet shops? Do you have to enter weight details of different confectionery items manually every time you need to calculate prices and generate bills? In case you are facing such challenges at your sweet shop, POSist’s Sweet Shop POS is here to smoothen and sweeten your shop managing operations. It automates the calculation process and takes away the pain of manual entries over and over again.
Our Sweet Shop POS is developed with built-in Automatic Pricing tool which eases the burden to track pricing and weight information of sold items. It can retrieve weight data for every sweet item as soon as you feed them while billing. Then, it calculates the price based on the quantity and the weight of the product to generate the bill automatically. With this, all you are left to do is to enter the name of the item and the quantity – and that’s it! The POS will take care of the tedious calculation part accurately.

Centralize Billing Of Multiple Outlets

Sync And Centralize Multiple Orders Of Multiple Outlets

Our Sweet Shop POS integrates unique weighing scale in the system that allows billing staff to automate price calculation according to variable weight units. The automated calculation feature is exceptionally handy for large, bulk or multiple orders at different billing terminals. Our POS also lets sync multiple outlets and centralize the billing process for items sold across different outlets.
This Sweet POS optimizes the functionalities – you can calculate the pricing as per the weight or do the billing as per the current market rates or preset price rates.Apart from price and weight analysis, the POS also stores order and purchase histories to help shop owners change the pricing pattern based on the items being sold.

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sweet shop advanced booking

Advance Booking Orders

Change The Way You Deliver

This POS integrates advance booking tool to cater to customers who prefer placing orders in advance. This advance booking tool updates your staff taking advance booking orders and ensures quick delivery. The POS also let you view and track different stages of production, from order booking, preparation, packaging, dispatch to delivery. Thus, you can gain complete control over the entire production process, resolve any issue that might hamper and delay the production. It helps you prevent lagging and streamlines the operations. Moreover, its built-in automatic reminder sends timely alerts about the stipulated delivery time an hour before, to help you avoid unwanted delays, and attain customer satisfaction on each order.

Customized Detailed Bill

Be Transparent

Customers placing large or bulk orders often ask for detailed, itemized bills. That’s why we have integrated this feature called itemized bills so that you can customize the billing functions and ensure higher level of transparency with your customers. Wouldn’t offering something extra to customers give you a competitive edge that you need to stay ahead in the market?
The software also offers professional level accounting and tax calculation modules. The POS stores records of all items sold, rate of items and other sales data essential in tax calculation. There are many more features and benefits that help in great deal in managing your sweet shop operations – right from orders, production, dispatch, customer satisfaction and relations, taxation. All you need is to see how the POS works.

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