Stock and Inventory Management

Monitor Your Stock And Inventory

Tracking Inventory

POSist stock and inventory management module helps you keep a tight control on the stock, and works to prevent wastage and theft.

  The Stock-In and Stock-Out feature lets you keep track of items across outlets and stores.

  Stock-in gives the details of the stock available in the inventory at the start of the day, and the Stock-Out feature helps you automatically calculate the balance stock, that is then tallied with the physical stock.

  Recipe integration with the POS allows the Inventory Management System to calculate the amount of raw materials required for each billed dish.

  Variance feature shows the difference between the ideal consumption of the stock, and the actual consumption of the stock.

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Central Kitchen

Manage the overall circulation of food with POSist’s central kitchen management

 Manage the requirement of each outlet with the central kitchen management module

 Manage the overall circulation of food, where the food is prepared at the base kitchen, and then sent to the other outlets

Multi Store Management

Our inventor module helps you manage stock supplies across stores.

 Manage your franchise outlets by receiving their requirements automatically. The outlets generate a Purchase Order that automatically updates you about their stock requirements.

 Centralized multi store management module keeps track of the stock and inventory across the outlets.

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Raw Material Management

  You can manage the raw material requirements of your kitchen by keeping a track of the stock and the inventory. POSist saves you from embarrassing situations where you run out of stock by prompting you to reorder.

  You can set a re-order level for individual items. POSist sends you alert to re-order when you hit that level.

  You can manage the shelf life of the raw materials, especially the perishables. In case the perishable ingredients are not used within the specified duration, you will be notified to not use the same.

  The goods that are received need to be carefully evaluated before being taken in. A Goods Received Note is generated at the time of receiving the stock, where comments of the stock quality and quantity are mentioned. This helps maintain transparency, and also avoids confusion.

Recipe Management

 Our centralized recipe management feature lets you easily manage the recipes across your outlets.

 You can feed in your recipes in the POS software, and the same is instantaneously reflected in the recipes across your desired outlets.

 You can alter recipes to manage the usage of raw materials with respect to sales. This leads to a lower pilferage in the restaurant.

 For bigger chains, using a standard recipe helps maintain consistency in the taste and quality of the dishes.

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Reporting & Analytics

POSist’s advanced reporting and analytic features gives you deep insights into your restaurant business, and helps you take informed decisions based on the reports.

  Helps you forecast sales and raw material usage according to the previous data.

  Generates Profit and Loss (PnL) reports based on stock sale/purchase and consumption.

  Strong algorithms generate reports that help you optimize restaurant operations

  You can optimize your restaurant operations based on the reports.

  Lets you assign roles and permissions for each task.

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