Restaurant Management Software in Jaipur

POSist is restaurant management software that provides complete restaurant management for all types of restaurants and food outlets in Jaipur. We are a cloud-based restaurant technology platform providing a wide variety of services such as billing, inventory management, central kitchen management, CRM, reporting, and analytics, in our integrated Point of Sales solution. Along with Point of Sale, we provide a host of other advanced services such as Online Ordering, Mobile Analytics for restaurants, Feedback Management, and Marketing Platform for smooth restaurant management and operations.

We have a thriving market presence in Jaipur, with our happy clients using our POS software productively. Italian Kitchen in Vaishali Nagar, Refill in Kalyan Colony, The Vegetarian Grill, Grill In, Giani etc are some of our many successful clients in Jaipur.

One of the major tourist destinations of the country, Jaipur proudly exhibits its traditions that are visible in its eating habits as well. A number of restaurants and food outlets have cropped up in Jaipur, catering to the popular customer demands. Malviya Nagar, Mansarovar, Tonk Road, MI Road, Pink City, Vaishali Nagar, Bani Park are some of the popular foodie destinations in Jaipur, with a variety of established restaurants and food outlets.

POSist facilitates the demands of these new age restaurants with unique features like automatic billing, split billing, table reservation, cloud telephony, multi-currency support, loyalty program integration, that encompassed together allow efficient and easy management of restaurants.

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Focus on Running Your Food Outlet


Cloud Based

POSist works in a browser and no installation is required at the Food Outlet. All your data is on the cloud.


POSist has an easy to use Interface and Absolutely no training is required for your staff to start the Billing at the outlet.

Works Online and Offline

A hybrid solution that works in both offline and online mode. The billing does not stop even when the Internet goes off.

24X7 Support

Our Support team is available whenever you need them. No call goes unanswered ever. Our support ninjas shoot troubles lightening fast.

Supports aLL Hardwares

POSist is capable of working on all hardwares of all configurations. You can use a Mac, tablet, mobile or laptop to run your software.

100% uptime guaranteed

Cloud says 99.99% uptime, we say we do work offline. POSist guarantees that your billing will Never Stop even if internet goes down or hardware crashes.

Data Security

Being on cloud all your data is secure. You never lose data.

Theft Control

Keep a track of what gets billed and what not. All Voids & Offers are permission based and a Complete history is maintained of what goes inside the software.