Reporting and Analytics

Create And Manage Your Custom Reports

POSist’s reporting and analytic feature supports custom reporting where you can generate your own reports according to your restaurant business.

Detailed Reporting And Analytics

Keep a track of the all the activities at your restaurant. Centralized reporting and tracking lets you keep an eye on the transactions and activities happening at you restaurant

  Stay updated about all the business transactions at your restaurant.

  Create custom reports on the basis of the items sold, such as the most popular items etc.

  Maintain a tight control on the inventory by reporting and filing all the activities.

  Analyze and use the data to generate reports and to make decisions.

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Graphical Analytics

Detailed representation of the data helps you analyze reports and make informed decisions on their basis.

 Detailed graphical and tabular representation of data on the basis of hourly sales, service type sales, and item wise sales.

 Enables you to do live tracking of the sales data, and helps you analyze with the help of tables and graphs for easy understanding.

Mobile Reporting

POSist’s mobile reporting feature ensures that all your restaurant’s reports are available real time on your mobile. Centralized reporting feature shows the details of all your food outlets to you, any time.

 Allows you to access all the sales details of your restaurant

 Shows number of outlets currently open and functioning

 Gives you access of all the live data

 Reduces your dependency on the restaurant manager or cashier

 Direct real time reports on your mobile eliminate the odds of rigged data.

 Allows you to make informed decisions based on the data and reports.

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Offline Reporting

POSist’s supports online as well as offline business. In case of an internet outage, the software runs without any glitch, and backs up the entire data as soon as internet connectivity is received again.

  Keeps functioning smoothly even in case of an internet outage

  Entire data is backed up on the server as soon as the software is connected to the internet again.

  No loss of data and automatic sync ensures seamless service for billing operations and reporting.

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