Feedback Management App

Collect, Analyze, And Make Informed Decisions.

Table Billing Screen

Captures Customer Reviews

 Captures customer review and feedback

 Separate reviews for all the aspects of restaurant such as food, service, ambiance etc

 Increases customer engagement

 User-friendly interface allows customers to give feedback easily

Real Time Alerts For Poor Reviews

  Allows you to set alerts for each time a customer gives a bad review

  Helps you stay updated by sending the notifications directly to your phone.

  Real time alerts help you take care of the unhappy customer immediately.

Online Table Reservation
Split Bill One to Many Split bill

POS Integration

  Acquires item wise feedback according to the bill

  Centralized integration with the POS

  Works for all, delivery, take-out, and dine in orders

Loyalty Programs Integration

  Acquires customer data for loyalty programs and CRM

  Easily integrated with third party loyalty programs and CRM

Online Table Reservation
Split Bill One to Many Split bill

Detailed Reporting And Analytics

  Allows you to view customer’s entire order and feedback history

  Gathers insights and helps you make informed decisions

  Generates reports based on customer order and feedback behavior

  Helps you track the performance of each item in the menu on the basis of customer feedback

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