Point of Sale

We have covered all the requirements of restaurants by coming up with especially customized niche Point of Sale solution for all types of restaurants and food outlets.

Fine Dine POS

Delight your customers with advanced features like table ordering and billing, online reservation, bill splitting and feedback management. Enhance the dining experience of your customers to keep them coming back for more.
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Keep your customers updated about their orders with our advanced delivery module by notifying your customers. Our SMS integration feature helps you stay connected with your guests, and our cloud telephony feature ensures that you don’t miss a single order.
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Bakery Chain POS

Our especially customized bakery POS allows you to easily manage advance orders, shelf life of the products, and the central kitchen. You can also set birthday and anniversary reminders to send your customers personalized greetings on their special occasion.
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Pub And Bar POS

Reduce the hassle of order taking, and optimize your serving time with POSist’s Pub and Bar POS. Further delight your customers with easily customized happy hour offers and bill splitting feature. Keep an eye on the bar with the help of our robust stock management.
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Pizza POS

Use our digitized KOT feature to avoid the risk of missed orders. With the help of our Flexible Menu Ordering Features, your customers can build their own pizza with no hassle at your end! Manage your delivery orders and keep your customers pacified by sending real time updates about pizza processing.
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Sweet Shop POS

Our in built automatic pricing tool calculates the price of the items sold according to the weight, relieving you of tedious calculations. Give detailed customized bills, and allow advanced ordering feature to give your customers full freedom and ease of ordering. Centralized billing of multiple outlets gives you control over your outlets, and smoothens the entire process.
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Food Court POS

Manage the transaction done at multiple food court outlets with POSist. We simplify the transactions done by food court cards, while ensuring accuracy in order taking, card recharging, bill settlement etc. You can also keep a track of the entire transaction with in depth sales reports.
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Food Cart POS

Give your food cart the edge over other food carts and trucks by automating and optimizing your business. With billing on the go, cloud printing, real time reports and instant payment processing features, who says food carts and food trucks can’t be tech savvy?
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Café POS

POSist’s café POS allows you to print KOTs and bills in a single click to avoid confusion and order delays. Customize your menu according to the most and least popular items to maximize your profit. You can easily integrate customized offers for your café’s customers. Easy payment integration allows you to accept all sorts of payment methods, thus further enhancing customer experience.
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Large Chain POS

Manage all the outlets of your long chain with POSist. The centralized POS allows you to maintain recipe and menu consistency to achieve consistent quality across all your outlets. In depth enterprise reporting and central stock management allows you to manage multiple outlets remotely, all at the same time.
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Ice Cream POS

Keep a complete control over multiple outlets with centralized product management, and control wastage and theft. Instant KOT and easy tablet billing further helps to simplify your ice cream parlors’ operations and boost profit.
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