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 Kot Softare/kitchen Display System

Kitchen Display System

The New Age Digital KOT

Are you facing difficulty in tracking printed Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) in your kitchen? Does your kitchen printer often stop printing in the middle due to paper jam, cartridge or other printer issues? Are you facing problems in connecting cash register printer with kitchen printer to print KOTs? If yes, then it is time to bid goodbye to your old Point of Sale terminal and adopt an easier and digital system to display orders in front of your chefs. POSist pioneers this unique Kitchen Display System to implement a paperless and more convenient way to connect with tables, cash registers and kitchens.
With Kitchen Display System embedded in our Pizza POS, you can avoid the risks of missed orders which are a common phenomenon with printed KOTs. Digitized KOTs let you keep track of all orders placed, that can be used to analyze daily sales.

Flexible Menu Ordering

Customizable Pizza Ordering

Do you want to spoil your customers with choices galore at your pizzeria? POSist’s Pizza POS is developed to make sure that customers’ experience maximum satisfaction. The POS include this unique Pizza Ordering option that allows selecting everything which a pizza is made of – starting from pizza base, toppings, cheese, sauce, meat, vegetables to other ingredients, giving you an edge over your competitors.
The more you let your customers engage in the process of pizza making and personalizing their pizza, they more they will frequent your pizza outlet – hence, our pizza special POS is what you need to skyrocket your business.

 Flexible Menu Ordering Software
 Pizza Delivery Management Software

Delivery Management

Real-Time Updates On Pizza Processing

Keep your customers informed about each stage of pizza processing till delivery. Auto updation of pizza processing from the moment an order is placed till the time it is ready for delivery will let your customers anticipate the time taken for preparation. It is a good strategy to show the breakup of time needed for processing, and justify the time taken in the meanwhile to customers who often tend to lose patience once they place an order with your pizzeria.
The POS makes use of the contact details of customers to automatically update them of the delivery progress so that your customers do not have to ask for it! It also informs name and contact details of your delivery staff to allow customers to coordinate with the staff during delivery. Our Pizza POS’s tracking of each task minutely from ordering to delivery will also assist you in monitoring the operations in future.

Manage Different Delivery Zones

Improved Delivery Facility

Our Pizza POS also lets you segregate pizza delivery activities as per the different zones. This option comes exceptionally handy in managing orders coming from different zones, measure maximum, average or minimum orders received from each delivery zone. At the same time, you can also use it to generate zone-wise pizza delivery reports, analyze customer preferences of each zone, calculate and create business plans or offers/discounts as per different zones.
And there are more remarkable features which aid in amplifying a pizza outlet business – try them now.

Pizza Delivery Zones Software

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