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Taking Customer Engagement To The Next Level
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Data Integration

 The marketing App lets you upload your entire customer database at one place

 Existing POSist customers can easily sync their current data with the app

 Allows easy integration of POS with the database

 Comprehensive data integration at one place.

  Customer details can easily be fetched from the database for marketing purposes.

SMS Integration

  Allows you to send bulk promotional SMSs to all your customers at one go.

  You can send personalized greetings to customers on their special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries

  Send customized deals and discounts based on individual customers’ ordering habits and preferences.

  Keep your customers updated about their food delivery status.

  Engage your customers by sending regular announcements like a new item on the menu, or the new pastry chef hired.

Online Table Reservation
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Email Marketing

  Deliver coupons of exciting new offers directly into the inbox of your customers

  Send personalized offers and discounts for customers, that can be redeemed by a coupon or voucher received in mail.

  Integrated customer database helps you set reminders for sending personalized greetings for customers on their special occasions, such as birthdays and anniversaries.

  Increase customer engagement by sending newsletters about your restaurant that contain interesting facts about your restaurant.

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