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Production Management

Control Is The Key!

Are you searching for a centralized POS for your multiple ice cream parlor outlets? Do you suspect your restaurant staff is deleting sales entries or stealing raw supplies from base kitchen? Are you running multiple outlets and fail to monitoring them closely? In case, you are facing all these problems or some others related to ice cream parlor business, then here is your one-stop solution to all issues – Ice Cream POS.
This POS is designed to address and fix all issues of ice cream parlors, from large to small, from billing, inventory, menu, recipe, kitchen production, order, payments. Apart from taking orders, menu updation, delivery and other operations, we generate, collate, and send sales reports that allow you to get minute insights on sales across all outlets. You can use this data for planning, better management and increasing profits. Moreover, our Void Reports will help you track deleted entries from bill registries occurred to be able to catch thefts, if any.

Get KOT In Kitchen Instantly

Instant Access To Orders In Kitchen Display

Is manual input and printing KOTs delaying kitchen production? Do your kitchen orders often get stuck in the middle due to paper jam, cartridge issue or some other technical glitches? Try our POS, that is specifically designed to eliminate these issues.
With our Kitchen Display option, the orders placed instantly pop up in front of kitchen staff, so that they don’t need to wait for prints. We have also accelerated the KOT and bill printing process with a one-click billing integration. This way, you can diminish crowd at the billing terminals and save more time for taking more orders. Hence, ensuring smoother operations and more sales!

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Tablet Billing

Billing Simplified!

Our specialized Ice Cream POS simplifies billing procedures at your ice cream parlor. We offer support for mobile ordering which lets your staff take orders and produces bills using tablet devices installed at billing terminals. Thus, you can bypass the costs of hardware installation and also avoid expense of software installation and maintenance as well.
Moreover, our POS does not have software or hardware requirements before installation – our web-based POS interface is platform independent can be easily installed on mobile devices as well. It requires minimal support and no maintenance, thus freeing you from the support fees of hefty installation expenses.
You can also get detailed reports of bills generated at each outlet on your mobile phone, and allows you to the monitor billing at your outlet remotely.

Control Wastage & Theft

Monitor And Minimize Thefts And Pilferage

Since inventory and kitchens are usually located far from the base kitchen, tracking and controlling wastes and thefts across multiple ice cream parlor outlets is a daunting task. Our POS is designed to address this issue with its central kitchen management option. The POS will let you keep a watch on actual status of stock, remaining stock, wasted or stolen items from the inventory etc. It also creates a detailed report logs for tracking and controlling discrepancies at various outlets. The intelligent recipe management option embedded into the POS helps reduce wastage by displaying standard ratio of ingredients used for each ice cream recipe.
These features allow you to automate, control, and run ice cream parlor outlets more efficiently.

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