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Card Management

Manage Prepaid Food Court Cards

Are you facing card integration and sale tracking hiccups across multiple food courts? Our Food Court POS is perfectly optimized to address complexities and calculations done at food court point of sale systems. We’ve made tracking and managing prepaid cards punched at multiple food court counters extremely easy with our POS. We ensure accurate processing of data on our POS while taking orders from multiple counters, updating Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) with respective kitchens, tracking delivery of food from all counters, and other transactions.
Furthermore, our Food Truck POS also supports faster card validity configuration, card transfer, card recharging and aids in uninterrupted food delivery to the card holders, thus ensuring maximizing customer satisfaction.

Detailed Transaction Reporting

In-Depth Sales Reports

Our Food court POS provides extensive reports for all types of food court cards. Food court owners and managers can use the data for analysis and in decision making. The reports comes exceptionally handy to analyze the performance of food counters, track order history and the most ordered items, develop sales strategies, discounts, offers, and increase sales. The reports also include customers’ details which can be used improve customer relations and loyalty schemes.

Detailed Transaction Reporting Software
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