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Billing On-The Go

Ease Of Order Taking And Billing

Are you ready to hit the road and begin your restaurant on-the-wheels? Before you launch your food truck restaurant business and get into the billing complexities, check out the tailor made POS especially designed for you! It has all the features needed to automate your mobile restaurant business.
Our Carts & Food Truck POS consists of various modules that take care of diverse mobile restaurant operations, right from taking orders, menu update, stock and inventory control, billing, payments, taxations and many more. The POS has simplified order taking and billing procedures for cashier or billing staff. They don’t any need technical knowledge or training to operate the software. The POS comes with easy instructions and guides your staff thoroughly, with on-screen suggestions on what to do next.
Being a specialized Carts & Food Truck POS, the software supports on-the-go billing processing and easy mobile payment options. The application integrates this advanced payment module that supports popular payment gateway systems which allows the customers to pay the bill at their convenience, especially when, they don’t have enough cash in hand.

Supports Cloud Printing

Print, Distribute And Receive

Gone are the days when you were busily scribbling orders from customers crowding in front of your food truck! With the advent of cloud technology in POS, taking and processing orders have become a breeze. We have designed the POS to support cloud printing mechanics to generate KOTs and billing tickets through cloud printing integration.
With our POS, printing and sharing tickets with both your chefs and customers takes not more than a single click. Hence you can delight your customers with faster ticket generation and mobile payment facilities in addition to your sumptuous serving of foods.

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Bill Tracking And
Real-Time Reports On-The-Go

Detailed Bill Logs, Stock Management, Real-Time Reports… On-The-Go

Our POS stores and keeps track of complete logs of billing. It also retrieves and allows you to analyze the reports at your convenience. Each set of data is highly essential in managing and running your food truck business successfully. While order and bill logs helps analyze purchase behavior, the stock reports track inventory, avoid wastage and ensure availability of supplies. The real-time sales reports throw light upon hourly sales, item-wise reports, location-based reports, compare pattern of revenue generation in all quarters, customer details and much more.

Payment Processing

Spoil Customers With Choice

Not all carts and food truck joints have integrate advanced payment options – that’s why our Cart and Food Truck clients enjoy competitive advantage over other players in the market. What if your customers are low on cash and cannot rush to the nearby ATM to withdraw money– will you let them go? Get our POS instead to enable your customers to make payments online. Our POS supports various modes of payments including all types of credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallets, internet banking and many others – which can be integrated on demand. Thus, you don’t have to lose customers over their preferred mode of payments.

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