Features to automate your Restaurant




table billing

Table Billing

  • Table/Take Out/Delivery billing
  • Split bills on the same table
  • Billing over categories and sub-categories
  • Option for different items and rate list for Table/Take-Out/Delivery billing
takeout takeaway

Takeaway & Delivery

With latest technology and fast growing technology, Online orders from Website & Mobile are directly received in the Point Of Sale system. This helps in Managing orders at one place and consolidating orders and payments easily.
Online Mobile Ordering

Online/Mobile Ordering

Easy billing access for Table/Take Out/Delivery billing, Mobile supported billing, Convenient bill split, Categorize bills.
Table Reservation

Table Reservation

POSist gives the real time view of a restaurant. Book your table at your favourite location with the entire view of the restaurant.
feedback management

Feedback management

No more manual feedbacks. Shift to paperless feedback by delighting your customer with Feedback App that can run on any tablet or mobile phone. Instant SMS to the management with Customer’s feedback.
multi currency

Multi Currency

Support all currencies and can be used for managing restaurant world wide
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central customer

Central Customer management

A customer is your Brand’s customer and not one outlet’s. All the customer data can be shared across all outlets of your brand across geographies.
never missed order

Never Miss an Order

With Cloud telephony, never miss an order. Multiple people can take an order on one central number. The customer’s order is never missed and even if its peak time and all operators are busy, you will get a missed call alert and you can anytime call back the customer.
loyality programe

Loyalty Program

Run loyalty program for your customers. POSist gives you history of the customer with his favourite orders, total spend & personal occasion. POSist can integrate with third party loyalty programs.
sms intergration

SMS Integration

  • Start taking online delivery orders and table reservation requests from your website.
  • Payment Integration also there.
email marketing

Email Marketing

Send emails to your customers for offers and updates running at your restaurant. POSist helps you engage the customers and generate business from repeat customers.
Reminders customers

Reminders for Customers

POSist helps you manage the birthdays and anniversaries of your customers. Never miss greeting them and generate custom offers to invite them spend their special day at your restaurant.

Add Ons


add on features


POSist has a strong Offers Module which is tightly coupled with the CRM. You can create custom offers for different customers on spending patterns and many other criterias which POSist analysts suggest you.
menu management

Menu Management

Manage your menu across outlets. Updations can happen from anywhere and instant reflection will happen across locations without even visiting different outlets.
flexible accounting

Flexible Accounting

POSist helps you integrate with your accounting software to help your CA receive all data on one-click.
roles permission

Roles & Permissions

Control theft management by creating Roles and permissions for your staff. All activities are logged and different users can be assigned different modules to maintain a check on the outlet.


POSist supports all payment methods whether its Cards, cash, coupons or Online Wallets. Payment consolidation is what delights our customers.


We have a dynamic tax module which helps you create any type of taxes and gives you a detailed report with all tax bifurcation for returns.

Stock & Inventory


stock in-out

Stock-In & Stock-out

Easy to use Stock In & stock out of items between outlets and stores. Stock Closing at the end of day helps you automatically calculate balance stock and tally with physical stock.
central kitchen

Central Kitchen

If you have a central kitchen where food is prepared and sent to outlets, then POSist helps you manage the overall circulation of food based on outlets requirements.
multi store management

Multi Store Management

Our inventor module helps you manage stock supplies across stores. Manage your franchise outlets automatically by receiving their requirement automatically.
row material

Raw Material Management

POSist prompts you to reorder when you run out of supplies
recipe management feature

Recipe Management

Feed in your recipes in the software to manage the usage of raw materials inventory with respect to sales.This leads to a lower pilferage in the restaurant. For bigger chains this helps to guarantee the taste of the dishes as the recipes will be same across the outlets.
reporting analytics

Reporting & analytics

Sales and raw material usage forecast - according to the previous data, optimise your operations. PnL reports are generated depending on stock sale/purchase and consumption. Loads of more reports are available based on strong algorithms.

Reporting & Analytics


reporting features
create own report

Create your own Report

POSist supports custom reporting where you can create you own report according to your business.
graphical analytics

Graphical analytics

Detailed analytics are available with graphs and tabular representations.
mobile reporting

Mobile Reporting

All reports are available real time on your mobile on the go. No more dependencies on your manager or cashiers for sale updates.
offline reporting

Offline Reporting

Though the software is online but we support Offline sales which helps your staff close the day in case internet is not available.
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