Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

The Easiest Way To Engage With Your Customers To Generate New Orders And Boost Repeat Purchases.

POSist allows easy integration of any third party CRM of your choice into the POS software, and works well to provide a complete customer engagement module for your restaurant.Powerful integration of CRM allows you to draw useful insights from the data and helps you make informed decisions. POSist has a strong Offers Module which is tightly coupled with the CRM. You can create custom offers for different customers on spending patterns and behavior etc suggested by the POSist’s analytics.

Central Customer Management

A customer is your brand’s customer and not of just one outlet. All the customer data can be shared across all outlets of your brand across geographies. POSist provides a centralized CRM accessibility of the customer data across all outlets.

  Centralized CRM module manages customer data as a single database that allows easy sharing of data across all outlets

  Generates comprehensive reports about purchase orders and customer behavior

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Cloud Telephony

Posist’s cloud telephony feature ensures that you never miss an order. You can assign a fleet of staff taking orders on phone on one central number. If the first line is busy, the call is automatically transferred to the subsequent number, and so on.

 Call is transferred from the busy line to the available staff without the knowledge of the customer, thus avoiding call transferring delays.

 In case of busy hours, when all the lines are busy, you get a missed call alert, and call back your customer.

 Powerful integration of the POS with the CRM allows you to view the customer data and ordering history while taking orders.

  Your staff taking the order can suggest favorites or offer discounts based on the customer’s ordering behavior and history.

  Increases customer delight and satisfaction manifold

  Ensures that not even a single call is missed, thus helps to boost your business.

Loyalty Program

POSist allows easy integration of third party loyalty programs. You can customize your loyalty programs on the basis of customer’s order history and purchase behavior.

 POSist supports cloud based loyalty programs that do not require the hassle of loyalty cards to add or redeem points.

  Allows you to create customized loyalty programs based on the reports generated from the CRM.

  You can offer your customers special deals and discounts based on their ordering habits.

  Lets you create outlet specific offers and deals, or also launch global loyalty programs where points can be added or redeemed across all your outlets.

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SMS Integration

Sending quick SMSs is the best way to keep your customers informed about your restaurant. SMSs have the highest opening rates, and also leave an impression. With POSist’s SMS Integration, you can keep your customers updated.

  Send your customers regular updated about their food delivery status.

  Ideal method to let your customers know about deals and discounts.

  Perfect way to market your restaurant. You can broadcast the new items on your menu, or send the notification about the event being held at your restaurant.

  Provides the facility to send bulk emails to existing customers

  Allows you to engage with your customers on their special occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, by sending them greetings or a special discount.

Email Marketing

One of the most trusted ways to communication; email marketing allows you to engage with your customers.

 POSist allows you to send emails to your customers about offers and deals running at your restaurant.

 Helps you engage with the customers. New customers can be brought in with effective email marketing, while business is boosted from repeat customers.

 You can send greetings and wishes along with a discount coupon or a complimentary food offer to your customers on their special occasion, such as birthday or anniversary.

 Powerful integration with the CRM lets you set reminders for greeting the customers on the special occasion.

 Sending a newsletter with interesting tidbits about the latest happenings at your restaurant, such as a change in the menu or hiring of an expert pastry chef, helps you engage with your customers more.

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