Still Carrying Out Billing On Fixed, Bulky Terminals? Get Cloud-Based And Lightweight Restaurant Billing POS

POSist offers comprehensive cloud-based and restaurant billing solutions optimized for every type of restaurants, cafes, long chains, and other outlets. Key features of POSist billing module includes –

Table Billing

POSist’s table billing brings easy table ordering for your customers and a plethora of tools and benefits to help you manage restaurants.

  Full display of menu on tablets

  Instant Kitchen Order Tickets (KOT) raised as soon as orders placed

  Track waiters’ performance

  Table turnaround time analysis track occupancy of each table

  Enables splitting bills on demand – customer wise and itemized

  Allows easy transfer between tables – with just drag-and-drop or copy-paste

  Track most and least ordered items

  Create offers and discounts as per itemized sale data

  Ease of bill generation as per categories and sub-categories of menu items

Online Table Reservation
Table Billing Screen

Takeaway & Delivery

POSist’s takeaway and delivery module is designed to simplify the operations at quick service restaurants. Our point of sale system allows integrating all major third-party vendors. Major benefits of POSist’s takeaway and delivery module includes –

 Supports online ordering apps and web-based services

 Instant updates on orders received

 Ease of accessing and managing orders from one place

 Ease of consolidating all orders and payments

 Ease of tracking payments

 In-depth daily reports and analytics

 Tracking delivery staff’s performance

 Support for call center order taking process

 Display of customers’ details even before taking calls

Mobile/Online Billing

A unique feature of POSist is its support for mobile and online billing. Our POS is embedded with the latest technology to integrate your online ordering app and websites to help you –

 Automatic update of orders received via ordering tools

 Eliminate manual labor of updating orders with the respective outlets upon taking orders

 View extensive reports and analytics on-the-go

 Monitor total orders received via each ordering tool

 Keep track of payments and revenues generated via each online ordering platform

 Analyze customers’ preferred mode of payments and create offers

 Process easy billing table billing, takeout billing and delivery billing

 Split bills on demand among customers and item wise (food and beverage)

 Process categorized bills as per main and subcategories

Online Table Reservation
Split Bill One to Many Split bill

Table Reservation

Online table reservation is a special perk of using POSist restaurant management software. Online table reservation is simplified with this feature that presents a complete snapshot of your restaurant to improve the convenience of table reservation and aid in revenue generation. Major highlights and benefits of this feature include –

  Elaborate view of your restaurant tables – location and details

  Display of restaurant menu

  Complete transparency and convenience while online table reservation boosts sales

  Advance booking at restaurants

  Monitor occupancy and stickiness to each tables

  Ease of on-demand transfers between tables

And That’s Not Just All!

We have more in store to equip your business with the state-of-the-art restaurant technologies to grow and outgrow your competitors – these include:

Customizable Layout

Multi currency support

Our POS offers integrating various foreign currencies to the POS to make it accept payments from tourists of foreign using foreign currencies. This feature will also come handy in expanding restaurant business in other countries.

Real time menu


POSist supports all modes and methods of payments including cash, credit card, debit cards, mobile wallets, internet banking etc. You can also track mostly and least used modes of payments and take advantage of easy payment consolidation.

send push Notifications

Accounting & taxation

Our dynamic tax module assists in integrating taxes to be charged on bills to automate the tax calculation process. It also sends reports with detailed breakup of taxes levied and paid.

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