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Print KOT & Bill In Single Click

Save Time, Boost Efficiency!

Are you looking for a coffee shop POS which will double as complete café management software as well as billing software? In case your busy coffee shop needs an application that automates operations, offers in-depth sales analysis and is accessible from your mobile, tablet or any other devices, then POSist’s Café POS is what you need now!
Our Café POS integrates a one-click billing system that helps print KOTs and bills instantly. On ordering, the kitchen order tickets pop up on Kitchen Display System and copy of the bills for customers is generated simultaneously. Thus, the POS eliminates the risks of missed orders due to printer issues and reduces the gap between order placement and processing. If you are running a chain of coffee shop outlets, then you can remotely view and manage orders using your mobile app – as and when the sale happens.

Fully-Automated Offer Integration

Automate Integration Of Coupons, Offers, Discounts

Running multiple offers at the same time? Do you need to integrate customized offers and calculate bills manually? Our Café POS lets you embed all the coupons, discounts and other offers. Once added, cooffers will be automatically applied to the bills as needed.
The software promptly pops up when a bill qualifies for some offers or benefits – all you need to do is to apply them. On applying the coupon code, the bill amount will be discounted automatically. Hence, you save time, and increase customer delight as your customers enjoy saving money on their orders at your coffee shop.

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Make The Most Of Your Menu

Categorize Your Menu As Per The Most And The Least Popular Items

There may be items that do not sell well on your menu, while some may be an instant hit from day one. You can offer irresistible discounts and deals to poorly performing items or modify the recipe to make them taste better. Or, you can simply remove them from you menu. Likewise, you may highlight the most popular items on top or place them in ways that instantly attract attention to earn more from those items. That’s why our Café POS enables owners and managers to keep track of popular and not-so-popular items with detailed reports.
Our Café POS generates in-depth itemized reports and other useful reports such as hourly reports (to know when those items are selling high and low), location (where those items are popular and where not?) reports, discounts (are those items selling high with or without discounts?) and total sales reports that illustrates minute details on all items sold. With this data analysis, you can redesign and refurbish your menu to amplify café revenues.

Payments Made Easier
For You & Customers

Let Your Customers Choose The Mode Of Payment

One of the most effective techniques to boost sales and revenues is to get generous with the mode of payments. The more options in mode of payments your customers get, the more they find it convenient to pay and spend in your café. With our Café POS, you can integrate multiple modes of payments in your café to increase sales. We allow multiple options of payments such as credit cards, debit cards, mobile wallet, internet banking, cash payments, or any other – on demand. All you have to do is to tell us what you need and that’s all!

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