Centralized Analytics And Reporting For RESTAURANTS

Table Billing Screen

Live Outlet Count

 Lets you keep the details of current open outlets at your finger tips.

  Tells you the numbers of outlets currently open, and accepting orders at the moment.

 Helps you to keep track of the ongoing business.

Total Bill

  Updates you about the details of billing at each outlet.

  Shows the total number of bills generated for the day by all your restaurants

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Items Sold Count

  Keeps you updated about the number of items sold in all your outlets.

  Gives the total number of items that have been sold in that day.

Track Of Discount

  Keeps a track of total how many discounts have been offered by your outlet.

  Shows how much worth of discount have been offered to the customers.

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Total Sale Details

  Net sales of each outlet directly delivered to your mobile.

  Displays all the important sales data, viz net sales, gross sales, and total number of bills generated.

  Shows the average amount spent on each order by customers.

Customer Details

  Keeps a count of how many customers to be served at your restaurant.

  Shows customer traffic during busy as well as slow days.

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Detailed Data Representation

  Gives detailed graphical representation of data for easier understanding and analysis.

  Displays data in the form of hourly sales graph, item-wise sales graph, and service-wise sales graph.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can see the top 10 selling items on real time basis.

Our app shows real time data of outlet's net sales according to service, hourly basis and item wise.

Yes, our app allows you to view the billing data for each outlet, as well as the total consolidated bill for all the outlets.

Yes, our sales summary feature shows the net sales, total sales and the average amount spent per bill.

Our reporting feature tracks the total number of customers served across all outlets as well as customers served at each outlet.

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