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Advanced Delivery Module

Optimize Home Delivery

How about if you could trace and access the entire delivery module of your food outlet with just a single click? Our Quick Service POS is designed to enable you to do just that! This Quick Service POS has a feature called ‘Delivery Module’ which lets you monitor the entire delivery process for your QSR outlet with just a single click. It registers the dispatch time, tracks your delivery staff and analyzes time it takes to deliver to the client. Thus, you can assess the performance of your staff and manage delivery team based on the data on their speed and efficiency.
This module also assists in categorizing customers as per their order data and optimizing home delivery orders based on that data. Thus, you can also blacklist them as per their previous order history such as order cancelation and unacceptable customers’ behavior.

SMS Integration

Keep Your Customers Well Informed

This tool in our online point of sale for QSRs is developed to integrate the SMS facility for sending order updates, billing details, and maintaining transparency with our customers. Let them monitor the progress by constantly sending them updates on their order processing and delivery progress. All you need to is check the number of messages you are sending to customers so that they don’t find your texts too intrusive or interrupting.
With this QSR POS, you can also manage loyalty programs for your customers. The software lets you sync SMS integration and loyalty programs to update your customers, gain their trust, and promote loyalty programs to achieve repeat purchases.

sms integration
 QSR Online Order Intergration Software

Online Order Integration

Don’t Miss Your Online Clients

Nowadays, tech-savvy customers, especially young and busy professionals prefer to place order using mobile apps or web services on their internet-enabled devices, from the comfort of their home or workplace. Thus by integrating online ordering procedure to your restaurant ordering process, you can multiply your chances of receiving more orders and sales. Our QSR POS allows integrating exclusive Online Order, and supports website ordering through smart phones, tablets, notebooks, desktops etc.
Apart from this, the software provides central ordering facilities through calls which will connect to your outlet’s call center number. Thus, you will never miss or disappoint your online clientele with our QSR POS software at your disposal.

Cloud Telephony

Never Miss A Delivery/Take Away Order

Our cloud-based POS offers exclusive ‘Cloud Telephony’ service that helps you prevent missing a single delivery/take away order! This service provides missed call support when your phone lines are busy while taking other orders. You instantly get a call back in case a customer could not connect to your outlet.
The Cloud Telephony also records and stores on-call voice data on the server in real-time that you can use for further data analysis on order history.

 QSR Cloud Software
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