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Order At BAR

Reduce The Hassles Of Order Taking At The Bar

Bars are usually the most crowded joints, often occupied during peak hours. Managing each order manually does not apply today. Let yourself enjoy the freedom at work by optimizing the order taking using the ultimate order taking feature from BAR POS. It reduces the gap between order taking and serving at the Bars which often leads to a delightful clientele.

Customers now a days are tech savvy. They expect orders to be processed on finger tips. Give them the ‘culture’ using our unique Bar POS which has specifically been designed to quickly settle bills for liquor lovers.

Schedule Happy Hour's Offers

Offer Benefits, Increase Footfalls

Lots of BARs offer happy hours but the scheduling and management always remains an issue. Get yourself out of the traps of poor scheduling of happy hours. With our integrated BAR POS, deliver the promised facility by applying the right scheduling at the right time. This is what makes you stand ahead of others in the competition. This BAR POS allows scheduling any number of happy hours within the same or different time zones.

With proper scheduling, you will never leave a single customer disappointed with the running Happy Hour scheme at your outlet. Make sure, you are using the right BAR POS System.

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bar split billing

Split Food And Bar Bill

Know About Each Pour

In most of the actual and assumed cases, customers at bar or rightly said ‘the resto-bars’ expect their bill to be divided in two halves, one for the bar and other for the eatables at the dining area. Many bars offer this facility while many really don’t. In this case, those with the facility are usually found much crowded than the later.

Today when the service industry is led by the thought that customer is the KING, you as a BAR owner should cater even to the smallest request of your customers. Do not leave them disappointed at any cost. Use our BAR POS system to integrate Bill Split facility that gives you a leverage to split Bar bills according to the choice of customers.

Strong Stock Management

Give Your Customers A Choice

Keep a close eye on each set of stock at the front and back end of your BAR. Never miss on a single stock left unattended with the enhanced Store Management support that BAR POS has to offer. It is probably one of the Best Bar / Pub Point of Sale (POS) Software System designed to cater to the varied stock management needs of the BAR.

You can also overcome the shortcomings of your previous stock management system with the BAR POS. Give it a ‘GO’ and you will be already a step ahead of your competitors.

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