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Large Chain POS Software

 Menu Management Software

Central Menu Management

Maintain Consistency In Taste & Quality Across Outlets

One of the major challenges in running large chain of outlets is to maintain the consistency in taste and quality across all outlets. Keeping the taste intact requires integrating standard recipes and stock across all outlets. Therefore, we have designed our Large Chain POS that allows you to maintain consistency with the help of integration of data.
Our Menu Management module makes it extremely easy to access, manage and update menu from anywhere, anytime. This Large Chain POS offers cross-device and cross-platform compatibility which aids in managing data from any web enabled device such as mobile, notebook, laptop or computer. Updates and modifications reflect in the menu instantly, as soon as any changes are made. Thus, you no longer need to personally visit the restaurant to implement the changes in the menu or recipe.

Enterprise Reporting

Customizable, Offline, Mobile-Ready And Graphical Analysis

Do you want in-depth data on how many customers you are serving every day? Which outlets are selling the most and which are not? Which is the most popular item on your menu and which is the least selling item? Where are you getting most of the orders from? Our Large Chain POS fetches reports that answer these questions instantly. You can access minute details in reports, and graphical representation of sales records helps you analyze the data easily.
Our reporting and analytics offers custom report option that lets you customize stock and sales reports as per the nature of your business and data requirements. You can receive real-time sales records on your mobile devices, which you can access anytime and anywhere. Graphical representation of reports such as location, items, customer details, and on-demand options gives you real time insights into the business of your restaurant. Thus, you gain complete control over multiple outlets, control thefts at counters and kitchens, make strategic sales decisions and many more business decisions based on the data.

 Enterprise Reprorting software
Stock Management Software

Central CRM

Customers’ data plays a vital role to boost sales and business. Building customer relations can hugely benefit a restaurant in increasing new customers and retain customers as well. Especially if you are running a large chain of outlets, then maintaining customers’ details is a must – and a tough nut to crack too. Therefore, we have made it easier with the help of Central Customer Management (CRM). Our central CRM module allows you to access the details of a customer throughout all outlets, across geographical boundaries. We believe that a guest dining at one of your restaurants is not just a customer of that outlet, but the customer of your brand. Therefore, all details such as contact details and order history and preference, are saved in the CRM, that can be accessed across different outlets.
With comprehensive customers’ data from all outlets at your fingertip, you can use it to send them personalized greetings on their birthdays and anniversaries, offers and discounts, product updates, seasonal greetings and many more to build better customer relations with them.
We also have a unique feature called Cloud Telephony which will never let you miss an order again, even during busiest hours. The Cloud Telephony will allow you to connect all your phone numbers to a single central number – it automatically transfers customers’ call to an operator, will be free to take orders through phone. Our POS supports third-party loyalty programs and syncs customers’ data with those programs including order history, their most ordered items, spending patterns and also, their birthdays, anniversaries that help you create personalized offers to increase customer delight and increase sales.

Stock Management

Manage Your Inventory Centrally

Our Large Chain POS consists of multiple features; Stock-in and Stock-out, Central Kitchen, Multi Store Management, Raw Material Management, Recipe Management among the many more.
The Stock-In & Stock-Out makes keeping track of stock super easy. The Stock Closing report will show you total quantity of stocks purchased, used and exhausted on daily basis thus helping you to keep close watch on wastage, pilferage and thefts from kitchens from all outlets. Similarly, Central Kitchen aids in monitoring progress of preparation and delivery of foods from central kitchen to outlets.
Need to get reminders on stock before it gets completely exhausted? You can set a re-order level for individual items that remind you to order when the stock item starts getting depleted. The Multi Store Management tool comes handy in receiving reminders from multiple outlets automatically to manage stocks remotely. Outlets can raise an indent or purchase order when they run out of stock to the central POS. You can recognize the need, and place order for that outlet. At the time of receiving the stock, the person in charge generates a goods received note, which mentions the quality and the quantity of the stock received. All these functionalities are centralized, and can be monitored by you even from your mobile phone.
Apart from stocks, customers, sales, there are many other problem areas and tricky jobs to do if you are running a large chain of outlets – we can help you solve those.

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