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Table Billing Screen

Table Billing

Order And Pay At The Table

Can your customers place orders from their table to the kitchen without any manual intervention between them and the chef? What if they could place orders, change, add or remove items and send it directly to the kitchen without any server required to stand near their table? Table Billing allows these features and more, and helps customers enjoy simplified ordering!

Our Restaurant POS offers convenient table billing feature which enables customers to place orders from a tablet on each dining table. This has dual advantages: it creates a feeling of complete pleasure for customers; secondly, it allows restaurateurs to optimize restaurant billing operations and eliminates the errors in order taking. Additionally, it also aids in cutting expenses by minimizing the use and costs of manual labor for bill collection at different billing terminals.

The entire POS system is tightly integrated to let users streamline multiple operations through convenient billing.

Online Table Reservation

Spoil Customers With Freedom And Choices

Want to give your customers the advantage to book tables online, at their convenience, so that they won’t have to rush to your restaurant every time they want to dine in? With our Restaurant POS, customers get the flexibility to choose the particular number and location of table, as per the availability. This online ordering tool helps prevent customers’ going to competitors, especially during busy hours. Equip your restaurant POS with Online table Reservation to let customers book table as and when it suits them, with zero hassles.

Online Table Reservation
Split Bill One to Many Split bill

Split Bill

On-Demand Bill Splitting For Individual Payments

Customers coming in large groups often want to split their share of the bills to avoid burning big holes in one single wallet. In such cases, they request for individual shares of the total hefty amount they are charged. Our Restaurant POS comes extremely useful in this case– by adding such facility to help restaurateurs split bills on-demand, it helps to increase customer delight and loyalty. Moreover, split bill feature also keeps a complete record of each split bill for easy tracking and analyzing.

Comprehensive Feedback Management

From The Customer’s Eye.

Why just focus on rich dining experience alone? Let your customers praise you, and express their feedback and expectations from your restaurant. After all, it is important to know how customers feel the way you treat them to gauge the success of your restaurant and to grow. That’s why our Restaurant POS offers built-in customer feedback management tool to listen to customers’ feedback and expectations, which helps to improvise product/services, and analyze growth from varied entries.

You can present the feedback form to the customers at the end of their meal. The feedback system is integrated with the billing POS that helps to acquire item-wise feedback from the customers. You can use this data to analyze the performance of your menu items as well. Other features include separate rating system for all aspects of the restaurant such as ambiance, food, service etc.

You can also listen to and act upon negative feedbacks instantly. As soon as a customer gives a bad review, you will receive a real-time alert. This allows you to take immediate action and minimize damage.

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