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bakery advanced booking

Advance Booking And Average Reporting

Automated Like Never Before

Bakery POS makes the advance booking even more organized. With the ‘Advance Booking’ module, you can take any number of orders at particular or varied date and time. This POS software additionally supports advance booking reminders for ensuring on time delivery. It never misses showing reminder right before 30 minutes of the set delivery, so you can meet delivery time complexities, if any.

Leave your customer feel delighted by being on time using Bakery POS! This software ensures repeated purchase by synchronizing the entire booking platform.

Birthday & Anniversary Reminders

Far Exceed Customer Experience By Sending Timely Greetings

Strengthen the bond with your customers by using the automatic birthday and anniversary reminders for your existing or old buyers. The inbuilt database software allows you to maintain data for each and every person who has ever purchased from your bakery. It lets you stay in good relations with your customers by sending them greetings on special days.

Likewise, it paves way for introducing newly added product line, ongoing promotions, discounts or loyalty programs. Chances are more likely that you may end up earning repeated purchase!

bakery birthday anniversary
bakery management

Shelf life Management

For Smoother Kitchen Process And Inventory Management

Managing shelf life is one of the most daunting task bakery outlets come across. Bakery products have a limited life time under which these should be consumed right after preparation and packaging. Failing to which may add clutter of outdated eatables on the shelf. Optimize your outlet shelves by keeping only freshly available items. Bakery POS uses complete supply chain management software that can help in overcoming shelf management flaws widely available at these types of setups. It produces detailed report(s) about the available stock, stock which is about to expire and the one which has already been expired, so you can sell ONLY fresh stock to your customers.

Also, the same can be used as a USP for your bakery outlet. A sheer ‘word of mouth’ may result in loyal customers, repeated purchase, enhanced business and what not!

Central Kitchen Management

For Smoother Kitchen Process And Inventory Management

Let yourself centrally manage bakery kitchen for multiple outlets at different locations. The software has explicit inventory control system which smoothen communication between the varied outlets and the kitchen staff. It also creates fine channel production and wastage of items at the time of delivery and receiving. You can keep a better control on the items baked, delivered and wasted until the finished product hits the outlet.

Along with synchronizing the entire kitchen, the software provides valuable analytical information for managers and restaurant owners for financial calculations and tax purposes.

central kitchen management



transactional SMS

Send transactional SMS to
the customer

daily sales sms

Daily Sales SMS to the
owner’s Number

Item wise taxation report

Category and Item wise
taxation report.

manage crm

Manage CRM

cloud telephony bakery features

Cloud Telephony
(Automatic Customer Search)

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